They call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad

Before I begin I'd like to point you here. photos of the first few microseconds of an atomic blast, if you're interested

In case anyone was wondering about the title, it comes from Cream lyrics. I don't know if I've mentioned at all how awesome the new(ish) Cream dvd is, but if I have before it bears repeating. That seeing that dvd again was likely the pinaccle of my weekend is another matter (the botched plans were probably my fault). For the benefeit of anyone whom I haven't made abundantly aware of this, I can't get enough Eric Clapton. The prevailing body of opinion amongst hipsters is that Cream was when he rocked the hardest, which is a notion I have a hard time arguing against. Of course, the fact that most of the people I roll with only acknowledge his Cream years means that any discussion of Clapton is, well, short. His "Cream years?" there were two of them. Clashing egos were the band's ruination. And this was a band that featured the indisputed best drummer and only somewhat disputed best guitarist of the day. So naturally, when the band does a reunion forty years at the Royal Albert Hall, there is a run on the box office. And for good reason. Those guys still rock so hard.

And they've said that they want to do a US tour in 06. So let this be a warning. If I at any point in this calander year go absolutely fucking nuts in this space you have, well, one possible cause. I'm not going to say there aren't others.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. One of the first readers to this site has recently made her triumphant return and I have yet to welcome her back fo-... well okay, maybe "formally is not a word that can be used to describe anything I do here. Anyways, welcome back Sammy.

Class now *groan*. More later


  1. I won't pretend I'm that familiar with Cream, but I do respect your total fanship. That's cool.

  2. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE me some Eric Clapton. You are talking about "The Cream of Eric Clapton" right? :) Yeah... I love "Sunshine of Your Love"...

    Sar... you have to know who Cream was!!!! :)

    I think I liked Clapton when he was with The Yardbirds... which they were inspired by my man Mick Jagger/The Rolling Stones!!!! :) Just thought I'd throw that in!!!! :)

    Again... you are one man after my musical soul!!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. Don't groan so.... class can't be that bad.

    Love Cream.

  4. wow! Thanks for the welcome back!

    About the atomic bomb pictures. Kind of crazy that something that deadly can be somewhat pretty.

  5. Sar: You've probably heard at least a couple of their songs. I think everyone's heard White Room, Crossroads, and Sunshine of your Love.

    Shayna: Well, "The Cream of Clapton" was actually a Clapton compilation that included songs he did with Cream (which was him on guitar, Jack Bruce on bass and Ginger Baker on drums-I'm pretty sure you knew that bit but I'm including it here for clarification) as well as some solo songs, and a song each from Blind Faith and Derek and the Dominoes. But yeah, I am talking about Clapton.

    I like the Yardbirds, but I think that Jeff Beck was probably a better fit for them, and that Cream was a better fit for Clapton. Bruce and Baker were phenominal musicians, and they just gelled

    Erm... I've gotta contest you on the inspiration bit. When Clapton was with the Yardbirds they're influences were more Chicago/Delta blues than rock. (though they did succeed the stones as the house band of the Crawdaddy Club). It was actually the transition to expirimental pop that drove Clapton out and brought Beck in.

    Which doesn't make Cream, the Stones, the Yardbirds, or your taste in music any less awesome

    Alice: It's not class in general. It it's well... I've told you all about the specific class, so yeah.

    Sammy: Yeah, I have a facination with the pretty and deadly.

  6. Ummm... have to disagree my dear... :)

    From my music history and from some website of the Yardbirds history I have read where
    1963 - The Yardbirds were inspired by the Rolling Stones' early performances. When the Stones hit the big time, the Yardbirds replaced them as residents at the Crawdaddy Club. The Yardbirds are best remembered for producing the top three English blues-based guitarists of the '60s: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

    The Cream Trio Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce I think was a perfect nitch for Clapton... so I do agree there! But I still like him with the Yardbirds...

    BUT... I must say I like him the best... solo. More heart and soul, I think... but I'm just saying! ;)

  7. Ah, but in 1963 they were the Metropolitan Blues Quartet. They actually took up residence at the Crawdaddy Club before Clapton came on.

    I'm not finding any source that links them to the Stones other than through the Crawdaddy Club, so I don't know. It may be possible that we could both be right and they drew inspiration from the Stones as performers. But I may have to concede the point.

    No doubt, the Yardbirds rocked hard.

    I think that I may like Clapton's solo material better, but as far as sound it's hard to compare with Cream, especially the new recordings seeing as Clapton has improved greatly as a vocalist and possibly as a guitarist since then. Of course, Derek and the Dominoes were phenominal, too...

    So yeah, basically Clapton is awesome.

  8. I have always loved Clapton..all Clapton..not stuck on the Cream days. Tears in Heaven was a beautiful song and still gets to me.

  9. Wombat, speaking of cream, bring your sunscreen - my place, Friday!

  10. I am like my sistah Sar on this one! Don't know Cream but love me my Eric Clapton!

    Ooooh! What is happening Sar?

    Wombat, I am afraid I am too ig'nant for this here post! *sigh*

  11. Have you heard Eva Cassady's version of Stormy Monday? What a classic blues song.