I haven't posted since Tuesday... whoops!

I wrote something last night. In my absentmindedness, I lost it.

The long and the short of it was basically that my legs are killing me again (so much for the MRIs coming up negative), I saw a phenominal play on Thursday for five bucks, and I need to write more.

Before I go any further though, a couple of PSAs.

The lovely Alice has lost control of her blogger address yet again, and has relocated to a wordpress domain. Let your bookmarks and links show that Wonderland or Not is now located at www.wonderlandornot.net. And if you have no bookmarks or links that would reflect it? What the hell is wrong with you? READ IT, FOR FUCK'S SAKE

Courting Destiny, written by the sublime and astounding Pia Savage, has been nominated for a Koufax Award (I'll admit that the first thing I thought of when I heard that was baseball). It should go without saying that she has my endorsement (for what its worth), but just in case:

I endorse Pia Savage's Courting Destiny for the Koufax Award for Best Writing Blog.

Anyways, as I have little to say about my legs besides the fact that they hurt and that sucks. Especially since I had to walk goddamned five miles to see the play. Of course, the company was good (5 others from my Acting class, all awesome).

The play? absolutely brilliant. It's hard to explain without summarizing, and I hate doing that, but here goes. It's called Flesh and Blood. It's the story of a family living in the suburbs of New York and the many unexpected and blood-boiling (for the parents- eg: "my son is gay and my daughter has an illegitemate child whose godmother is a drag queen! ARRRGH!") turns. The fabric of the play is either realism with surrealism woven in or the other way around. I'm not sure. In any case, every actor waiting in the wings (well, not wings per se, it was a sort of theater in the round) served as a sort of chorus that spoke in the voice of a kind of collective subconscious. I'm not quite sure if I've done much to explain it, but the play was fantastic and if I thought there was any hope of it I'd suggest that you all see it. The cool part was I only had to pay five dollars to see it. Thursday is "pay what you can" night at the BCA.

In case you haven't notice, nothing new has been here since Tuesday. I need to stop this. Its not like I've had anything I've had to do, or I haven't been at the computer. It's just that I haven't been writing. And I need to be. Earlier in the life of this blog I would from time to time write short stories and put them here. There's been nothing new added in ages. It's because I haven't written any. And I should be. And I should be writing a play. And the only way to get in gear for those is to put my fingers on the keyboard and make words. That was the primary purpose I had in mind when I started this. Then people started reading, and thus was another purpose formed. And I'm failing in both purposes. Speaking of failing, I utterly failed to notice that the anneversary of Hunter S Thompson's death was Monday. Last year when I heard he had died last I wrote this. I think I'll write some Gonzo tonight or tomorrow both as a tribute and as maybe a means of getting back in gear.

This would be a lot easier if my laptop hadn't died. I had a folder full of half-done writings that I could have revisited. But it's dead and that means I need. And there's a notebook I've been trying to track down. But it comes down to the fact that I absolutely need to be doing this. And I don't know how I've managed to forget that so often.

Before I forget. March 30th is Mitch Hedburg Day. It is a day set aside for the use of as many Mitch Hedburg quotes as possible. I think that I'm going to cook up something special for it here, so be sure to stop by.

Ok, I think that's it for now.


  1. Dude I hear ya about losing posts.Lost four this week and have been generally swamped with work garbage.
    Missing notebooks...yeah, I keep having them either stolen or get misplaced. Haven't written a single damned poem since...well...damn.

  2. Just write! Let it come out

    Sorry about the leg pain

    Thanks for the endorsement; it's worth a lot to me--and that's all that really counts

    Thanks also for Alice's new address; feel like a mother--always the last to know

  3. Hope your legs are better.

    I believe you could write an excellent play... with all of your talent.

    Just write what you feel when you feel it. :) You don't have to write all the time... even though I would love it if you did! ;)

  4. Oh the horror of losing your writings... been there so many times and the ache is always as bad... is there anyway to retrieve what's in the laptop? Hoping for hope...

    I totally understand about needing to write but not getting to it. I have been fairly consistent with my posting but feel disconnected these days somehow... I need to just write too but it is sometimes easier said than done...

    Hmmm... maybe we should write about not writing... who knows! I hear you my friend and much sympathy and boho hugs coming your way!

    That play sounds great! Wish we could get together one night and all go and see it! Hope you are having a good weekend!

  5. Aw wombatty I hope your legs feel better. I think as tall as you are maybe....you are still growing.....
    Are your growth plates closed and have I asked you this before?

    Misplacing all those half written ideas is sad. I think you have enough inside that head of yours to compensate though. I used to like your writing blog ...back in the day.......when you posted to it.

  6. Zenfo: Same here on the poetry thing. The last poem I wrote was a send-up of an insipid jam poet who was performing at an open mic in Chicago.

    Pia: I certainly try to but well, nothing comes.

    Always glad to endorse and inform.

    Shayna: Thank you.

    Thing is, though, I sort of do need to write (if not all the time) signifigantly more than I have. A writer writes every day. I haven't been much of a writer lately.

    Miz B: The hard drive is totally shot, so no, no chance at all.

    I may have exhausted everything I have to say about not writing. I could try to put out more of it, but it would be at high risk for redundancy.

    sooo wish that could happen

    Alice: Not 100% on the growth plates but I think that if that's what this was the X-ray would have shown it. I think you have asked before. I hope that isn't what it is. Being 6'5" is hard enough for an actor as it is.

    I certainly hope you're right. I might just start posting to that thing again.

  7. It's been almost a year since Mitch's death hasnt it. I have him on my ipod and its bitter sweet when it shuffles to him.

    I'll try and think of something special to do too.