Some words on the subject of blog that aren't this one

Saije of contentbased fame has announced that she will be retiring her URL. I don't know how many of you ever read her blog, but it was a good one. She also happens to be the first person to ever comment on this blog, as well as the first to link it. She was also the last to comment here in 2005. Those of you who have enjoyed my writing here (if you were telling the truth after all) owe her thanks because her presence was the prod that made me post things meant for consumption by others. To say the least, I hate to see her leave.

As is consistant with her form, Alice just posted and blocked comments, without humoring the masses of devotees clamoring for her attention responding to the comments on her last post, proving that her Hawaii hiatus means exactly whatever the hell she wants it to mean (know that you wouldn't get away with it if you weren't so awesome, Alice)

There is an interview up. It was posted by the blogger formerly known as GotB (who I'm not quite sure if she wants me to link to her new blog.) In any case, if this happens to reach you, Pia I'm adding you to the sidebar so that I remember to read you whenever I blogscroll because that was a good one on both ends. And while I'm at it, I'll put De.ville there as well, as I find her words pleasant and soothing in their erraticy (which if it wasn't a word before now I take all credit for coining)

I wrote something over at Absurdity Jam that at this point seems not only past it's "open by" date but also as not up to my standards. I won't take it down, because I don't do that without a good reason, but seeing it there in all it's lack of luster gave me an idea. I'm thinking of putting the blogger equivalent of a suggestion box on AJ.

the way it will work is this: I'm going to stickey a thread (as soon as I figure out how to do that) where if you feel so inclined you can comment and toss something in. It can be anything, even just a word. Then, keeping true to the strict "whenever the hell we can and feel like it" schedule we keep over there (can you tell?) there is a chance that something might be written about it by someone on the panel.

Or at least that's what I'm thinking at the moment. What do you think? (feedback from members would also be nice)

Well, I believe that's it. If something else comes up... well, I'll post it here.

UPDATE: Candi, it seems, is leaving too, and on far less pleasant terms. That sucks. If you happen to read this, Candi, I'm sorry for what happened, and I hope you make it through this.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    Have no idea how to do a stickey; had a friend do mine. He was going to teach me but then there was the transit strike and then the holidays...

    Miss Alice; she's so consistently there...

    The blogger link leads to my old url freenynyfrombushtoday@blogspot.com
    I think--did it in a fit of anger before the repub convention. still proud of it, but wanted people to read Courting without prejudging since I'm so eclectic or esoteric or unusual or...


  2. Thank you for the kind words. I'm down officially on the 10th.

    BTW, I tried posting on A/J. It didn't take, are you moderating those comments? Maybe I'll try again.

  3. Don't care if you link to me... that is fine.. I figure you know who will eventually find me... LOL!

    Pia is awesome...

    So many bloggers leaving... so sad...

    I believe Alice is sunning it up... lucky duck!

    Happy New Year, EW!

  4. What happened to Candi?