"It's the end of the world and we're drinking tea. How British"

I finally got a chance to watch the new Doctor Who special; David Tennant's first run as The Doctor.

Now, I loved Christopher Eccelston as The Doctor last year. I hated to see him go.

But this guy is damned good himself. Has the same sort of attitude as Mal Reynolds of Firefly only with a British flair.

As for the rest? Well, everyone else is pretty much the same. Which is to say, spot on. No scifi on TV for the past five years (at least) has challenged it, save for the aforementioned Firefly. Russel T Davies knows what he's doing.

So if you can and enjoy things that are awesome, get your hands on some of the new Doctor Who. And see Chris Eccelston's run while you're at it to get aquainted with the star of the new spinoff, who is fantastic. and gay. and fantastic.

That's pretty much it for now.

UPDATE: I guess that two of the blogs on that little list on the side over there have been nominated for the Best of Blogs awards. They are owned by Vesper and Pia, respectively. Both of them have been nominated for "Best Overall Blog", and Vesper has been nominated for "Best Mommy Blog" Best of luck to both of them.

One final, late New Year's Resolution. Next Year that award shall be MINE!!! MWAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

The Best Overall Blog one... not the Mommy one.


  1. I have no clue who Doctor Who is... so I will assume it is a great show because you are giving it "rave" reviews... :)~

    PIA... deserves the nomination... I do not know Vesper but will check her out...

    The Award should be yours... ;) Although when I first read that sentence I was a little concerned about you being nominated for the "Best Mommy Blog"... LOL!

    Hope your New Year is going great!! :)

  2. huh... you don't? British scifi. Involves time travel. Is awesome. Problem is, over here you need to either download it or buy the dvds because the SciFi channel adamately refuses to run a syndicated show that they don't own the rights to.

  3. hey, that's something i'd look forward to...you winning best overall blog, i mean.