Ok, so I lied

Well, I thought that there was a chance that last post would be my final for the year. Not so. If you haven't read my year-end post yet, and are the sort of person who would want to, or think you might be, then by all means.

I'm not quite sure how much I made it a matter of public record (some of you know; at least of that I am certain) that I was getting an MRI. I did so last night, at Boston Children's hospital. But I'll get to that later.

Before the hospital visit I met up with some friends to see the Producers at the Lowes Cinema near Boston Commons. Now, having seen the original 1968 film (but regrettably not the Broadway show) I came into this with high expectations. Those expectations were easily exceeded. A familiar face (Matthiew Broderick), and a not-so-familiar face with a familiar voice (Nathan Lane, who was Timon in The Lion King), provided in my opinion superior performances, a shade over-the-top and meant for the stage though they may have been. Will Farrell, who was the one performer I was concerned about, pulled off the part of the German playwright and then some.

The coup de grace in this though was Uma Thurman as Ulla (The role was of course expanded to accomadate her). She walked in and got right on with her musical number, "If you've got it, flaunt it."

Uma has it.

She flaunted it

And I'm here to tell you, that's what I call hot.

The added musical numbers were all excellent, and I'm probably going to be getting the soundtrack. Of particular note were the old ladies who did a tap routine with their walkers, and Will Farrell, who believe it or not could really sell it as Franz musically as well. Matthiew Broderick and Nathan Lanes performances are ommitted here because I already knew that they could sing, though now that I mention it Lane's "Betrayed" was fantastic, as was Broderick's "I want to be a producer." So I lied about ommitting them. 'tever.

All in all, the performances are fantastic, the writing and musical numbers are hilarious, the pacing is spot-on, and Uma Thurman is hot. A must see if you like things that are awesome.

On to the less enjoyable experience of the evening.

Being 19, I normally would not be going to Children's hospital. However, I have a bit of a record there, including but not necessarily limited to (there are of course limits to the memory of one's ailments) stitches, a broken wrist, and two seperate week-long stays wherein I was struggling to breathe for much of the time (asthma and all that). Predictably, it was the latter that etched me into their logs. Suffice to say, I know the place. It had a CVS now, as well as an (ick) Au Bon Pain and some flatscreen tvs on the walls, but the feel was the same. The smell and taste of the air was as expected of a hospital, but this one was always different in that the smell of vomit that had been cleaned from the floor but whose presence was not quite eliminated, or a number of other smells indicative of children, are always probable. This time it was the vomit mixing with the various disinfectants and sanitizers that told me I was in a familiar place.

Check-in was smoother than I remembered, though to be fair nothing is smooth when you're gasping for breath, so it may well have been no different. Either way, it wasn't long before I was in the room with that beast of a machine. I was soon told that my feet were the biggest ever to be scanned by it. The prize? to have them each in turn shoved into a comparitavely small plastic bootlike thing that was constricting to say the least. I was there for three hours; given a pair of headphones with alternative rock playing over them. A lot of the time was spent in a quasi-dreamlike state where I heard the machine and the headphones, but could also see and hear a lot of things I knew weren't happening. It was pretty weird and kind of fun.

Oh, and some brief notes.

David Lee Roth is taking over Howard Stern's time slot. The word for that is awesome.

Not awesome is the fact that China is witholding samples of the Asian Bird Flu.

Ok. This time I make no predictions as to when I might be blogging. Suffice to say, if you want to hear what I have to say about New Year's, look below. I'm not repeating it. =P



  1. I lied. I'm going to do it now.
    Just in case I get up late.

    You are a very tall child wombat. I hope your mri results come out ok and please find those gel things in your size so your feet don't hurt.

    I'm sure your feet caused a lot of oooohs and ahhhhs throughout the hospital. They are probably still talking about them....a legend.

    I can't really attest to the hotness of Uma but if you say so it must be so.

    I haven't seen the movie , did see the play. The play was awesome so I hesitated to see the movie. May be I will now.
    See the Bird Cage though. It is paramount to your well being.

    David Lee Roth...an improvement no doubt.

    Too bad they won't share the bird flu..I don't know what else to say except I hope there isn't a carrier of this virus sitting next to me tomorrow.

    Happy New Year Wombat.....AGAIN.

  2. Now I feel like a bit of a fool going to bed before seeing this. I guess you got the last word. Perhaps the Birdcage will help to fill one of the nights of your absence.

  3. I hate MRI's my last one ever was right before my heart surgery..talk about finding out you really are clausterphobic when encapsulated in a loud dark machine with the sound of marbles cricling you...

    Now, that I have my pacer/defibber..I can never have another so mine was hours upon hours... I feel your pain!

    Let us know how that goes..the results! Worried bout ya Wombat!

    Nathan Lane was also the voice of snowball in Stuart Little..That man has mad talent! Uma is UBERHOTT I dod no t know she was in The Producers! i will definately be seeign it now! great review and I hope you have a great New Year's Eve!

  4. I hope your MRI turns out okay... I hate those things! Just as bad as a CTscan and a mammogram...:)

    I want to see The Producers so bad... thanks for letting me know it is as good as the original. I am kind of iffy about Uma and Ferrell. But if you say they are great... then that makes me want to see it even more. You know Uma is one of those women that sometimes she is hot and sometimes she is not... :)

    Roth is definitely a BIG improvement... I agree with Alice.

    Those damn Chinese! :)

  5. E/W: I've posted a good-bye on my blog. You take care of yourself.

  6. Child hospital at 19? Really?

    Hope ur MRIs are negative (or positive, whichevers good) and Uma Thurmans a mama. Totally loveher since I saw (almost finished watching) Pulp Fiction. You just want to pull her lips when she pouts.