Not that they were ever that great, but has anyone else noticed that POD totally sucks now? Just saw them on Leno. I swear. Golf ball through a garden hose.

Check below in case you haven't already.


  1. First........never watch Leno.

    I never cared for them anyway but I have not seen them recently anyway.

  2. True! Isn't it funny how some bands get exposure and sellthe fuck out! I hate that!

  3. I was reading your stuff in the profiel.. I saww the Rocky Horror Picture show..back in the DAY! When everyone used to dress up take umbellas and throw shit! That was the shiztnit! And a ritual for every Saturday at midnight after the cruisin!

  4. Alice: I turned on the TV and I thought it was time for Conan and I saw them there and said to myself "huh... I wonder if POD is still any good"

    Frap Gurl: Well, it could also be the pressure to release successive albums. Which is why I like that Tool waits 6 years between them. Not that I like to wait, but the finished product kicks ass

    Last time I went to see Rocky Horror I wore a trench coat and as far as anyone else could tell nothing else. The only problem is I can't fucking get back home from the show anymore. they shut down public transportation here after 1 and I am without automotive enablement

  5. Would have loved to see you in the trench! HEHE! Yes we will wait for TOOL FOREVER.. I read a review today about POD and it agreed how lame and said they should take a lesson from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on re-invention! Sooo true! And their attempt at raggae was lame at best!