I swear, this happens all the time. But first:

Bring it On is sponsoring a campaign to buy body armor for our soldiers overseas. A source on BIO has implicated Alice in the scheme. *jealous* I'm going to buy one of the t-shirts right now. I urge you all to do the same. This isn't about politics, but it should be noted that there's a difference between saying that you support the troops and actually doing so. The fact that this is being spearheaded by liberals proves that the notion that supporting the troops and the war are inseperable is complete and utter bullshit. As the sticker says, those ribbons and those magnets don't do shit for them. This does.

So I had my acting class today at Bunker Hill Community College. Turns out there's a guy there I already knew from grade school (though he didn't recognize me at first). Moreover, I met two girls who a friend of mine went to school with, one of whom I'd seen in a play he was in, and the other of whom appeared in a couple of his stories. I make fast friends with theater types, so we hung out for a while after class.

So aside from meeting two awesome people, the class looks to be in the very least enough to sustain me as an actor, and it looks like it has the potential to take me further.

All in all, this semester looks like its going to be a hell of a lot better than I expected.

Out for now


  1. To be or not to be Wombat, that is the question.

    Glad your having a decent time and can commiserate with actors and such.

    They implcated me?


  2. Glad your school year is getting of to a good start. ;) Potential is always good! ;)

  3. Your class sounds very exciting! I miss my drama classes. After one of them, we would always meet at a restaurant and just talk and laugh for hours... theater is just great for bonding... met some of my closest friends in my acting classes...

  4. hey dude, what type of acting class is it? I took the performance class in fall 2000 at BHCC when UMass gave me a mandatory hiatus. Basically we put on a play production entirely, finding the right fit for every member of the class. It was my first/only venture into acting, but I enjoyed it tremendously. I've considered doing it again, as they allow people to take it 4 times. Does it sound like your class?

  5. Alice: I revisited the comment thread and I guess they lumped you in because you were promoting it. Made it sound like you were in on the design though. It's great to be around my sort again.

    Shayna: I don't know what I'd have done if it continued at the same pace as it started. Probably cut an album and be the next big thing with the goth and/or emo crowd.

    Miz B: For me it was always a regrouping at the local coffee shop. Same purpose though. You get all kinds, to. One time I was doing a scene with someone who might have been a method actor because she took of my shirt in the middle of it and our lips were about to lock when the teacher called the scene.

    Mickerdoo: I didn't actually see that class listed anywhere; things might have changed. My class was just listed as "Acting 2." And we aren't putting on a play, so, no. It promises to be a good time though.