I don't even know why I do it anymore

Seriously. Why should I bother watching the State of the Union when I know exactly what it's going to be? We all knew that Bush was going to try and dig himself out of a PR hole by mentioning the need to shake off our oil addiction (no shit), and he's lost all credibility for matters concerning science and education. I mean, right in the middle of his speech about support for scientific innovation he revisited his opposition to science that could one day result in a cure for cancer. And we fucking know what happens when he announces an education initiative.

There was a brief shining moment when the Democrats got to their feet and cheered when he mentioned the failure of his social security plan, but it passed quickly

He didn't address the real issue of the night: Why the bloody fuck should I have to miss Commander in Cheif and Boston Legal for this tepid shit?


  1. didn't watch it, but felt like I did because the phone didn't stop ringing after it--and yes I missed Boston Legal very much

  2. I tired but as I fell asleep an woke up while the pundit were barfing it up.

  3. I, being in Spain, could not watch the State of the Union address but were I able to I wouldn't... I couldn't... I can't...

    I am seriously not kidding but when that fucking jackass is on TV I cannot, CANNOT lool and if he speaks OH NO! If my husband ever wants to hear him speak he has to either go to another room and listen there or send me out as I will always, undoubtedly, start yelling at the TV a)to drown him out and b) because I cannot stand the freak and he makes my skin crawl...

    I am gonna stop now because when it comes to Bush and just putting the fucker down, I cannot stop...

  4. I didn't watch it... I watched Supernatural... I can't stand to hear him talk/speaks... I figure I'll sit down and read his speech tonight... I'll let you know my rant about his speech... He was in Nashville today... I am curious to read what he had to say there as well... :)

  5. HAHA! yes! Gena Davis is more Presidential than the monkey we had to watch! McCain looked quite bored and disgusted! And loved the token dead soldier family..how damn nice of the fucker to exploit the grievings of that family for his own gain!

  6. I usually can't stand to watch Bush's lying drivvel either. But I went to a Bush-bash evening and had a blast. It was like the a liberal super bowl - food, fun, and yelling at the tv.

    Though I did miss Boston Legal too.