*represses the urge to do a "best of" list*

A lot of people whose works I frequent on this here interweb have already written "end of the year" musings. I had planned to leave mine up until, well, as close to the end of the year as I can manage, but as this may be the last time I can garuntee bloggage until the new year I'm doing it now.

2005 started out to a fantastic start for me. I finally settled in to a school that I thought had no place for me. I turned a corner with my acting and my writing. I developed close and important friendships with people in Chicago.

People started to read this blog, and I found therein a fantastic way to hone my skills as a storyteller. In the process I met some really awesome people. You all know who you are.

I joined a community theater troupe in the summer to keep in the game. As a result I put in my best performance ever, and established myself with a theater company that I'll be able to pitch my own play to for next summer (I really need to get on that) I also met even more cool people.

Of course the downside of the year, even the good parts, was that it saw new levels of sexual frustration that a keen analytical mind might have noticed in my writing. Though now that I think about it it's entirely possible that it would take an analytical mind three times as keen as mine. It's easy to find something if you know it's there.

Then around comes September and I'm eager to get back to school, when that entire business gets shot to hell. And it's not to say that the past few months have been entirely bad, its just that the few bright points were white spots on a field of black, as just about all of my friends were at school, some of whom at a school where I should have been. It sounds cliché I know, but having this space has helped with this a lot. So thank you all.

Of course in the world outside me some worse stuff happened in 2005, but we all know that.

So, as for 2006? My situation isn't going to be improving very quickly. Hopefully I'll make it back to Chicago in September, but I'm pretty much stuck here until then.

There are some things to look forward to in '06 though; at least in the way of pop culture. There will be new studio albums by Tool, Radiohead, Mogwai, and The Mars Volta. Also, Clerks 2 is coming out along with, and Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, Carmen Sandiego, Cthulhu, and Get Smart (with Steve Carrell as Agent 86) And those were just the ones I bothered to look up.

So, lately I've been eschewing the idea of a New Year's Resolution. This year I vow to just cold kick ass at life. To, in the words of my good friend Bernie, who still has yet to reply to his Absurdity Jam invite, "Exist Harder." So on that note, I leave you with a Twain quote

Let us endeavor so to live that when we die, even the undertaker shall be sorry

Happy New Year, everyone.


  1. “Exist Harder” sounds good to me Wombat.

    I’m surely going to go back and analyze your past posts for evidence of sexual frustration because I admittedly am too obtuse to see indications of such on your writing.

    You have a Happy New Year in case I don’t get to see you before that time.

    I wish you many bright spots this coming year.

  2. great luck in Boston! it's home, and it's a lot harder for other people to go back.

    i was telling steve how happy i am that he invaded my blog one cold evening last April. had ne not done that, i would've never met you. thanks for becoming a wonderful memory from 2005 - hopefully, 2006 brings more.


  3. I too need to go back and read some of your post... I never "read" into the sexual frustration.

    Maybe since 2005 started out so good and then ended with little "black spots"... maybe 2006 will start out a little slower than 2005 did and end on a high note just in time for 2007.

    I wish you a Wonderful New Year!!!

  4. Yeah, looking back it might not be very dechipherable.

    Alice: Stop impugning your own intelligence. Seriously. =P

    I wonder how many times those words have been exchanged between the two of us in the past couple of days. I guess the right answer is "hopefully at least once more."

    Dylann: True, but I still feel a bit like Icarus, only I flew too low. It's kinda cool what happens on blogger. In many cases people meeting each other comes down to a random number. I look at you and everyone else I've met here and can't help but think that I've drawn the right ones.

    Day by Day: It's entirely possible. Hope you don't have to deal with a slow start.

    Happy New Years, all.

  5. Happy New Year, friend!

  6. ESO~ I hope you get back to school, but Boston is great and all things happen for reasons... I know that is cliche! You ahad great things happen in '05 and I am sure great things are awaiting you for '06...for one TOOOOOOL! HA! And you are a great mind and great minds don't sit idle
    so this year will be awesome for you!

  7. put the word sexual on there and everbody zones in. of course i have to go and lurk on every post until the mindbulb lights up. till then, have a lovely 2006, wombat.