Obligatory Yuletide Well-Wishing

Because I can never let someone have fun without joining in, thought I'd throw in a Christmas audio post. Not my best work though.

this is an audio post - click to play

The song is Back Door Santa, as sung by John Popper and BB King. I highly suggest downloading it, as they sung it a hell of a lot better than I did.

I'm about to sit down to dinner, so I'm done for now, but I may be back with pics tommorrow.

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it, and hell, those that don't as well. You don't really need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy yourself on December 25th. Hell, I ditched religion years ago and I still love this time of year when I'm not being accosted by, in the words of the lovely Vesper, "Christmas Bitches"


  1. My little wombat... you are killing me... if I were only younger, not married and without child... LOL!!! You are after my musical soul... BB King is one of my favorites... I almost shed a tear! Great Christmas gift! :)

    Next time I want to hear you sing along with you Ophelia...

    Hope you have received everything that was on your Holiday list... ;)

  2. Humm........................

    I thought he waw my little wombat. ;)

    Awesome Wombat.

  3. ^_^

    Thank you so much, both of you. Seeing this made my day.

    I'll have clips of me singing with Ophelia when I get the hang of singing and strumming at the same time, and also find a solid way of recording both on mp3. It'll definately happen though.

    I didn't have a list so much as the one thing I knew I wanted; an amp, which I got. I guess all I need now is an impeachment and I'm pretty much square

  4. That was a cool audio post! Nice to hear your Jolly voice a singing! Yes enjoy your Christmas...the Christmas bitches can kiss our asses! Ho ho ho!

  5. Hi Wombat, I surfed over from Alice's. That was a nice rendition - I think you & Alice should do a duet! :)

  6. LOL, Alice.

    I am sure he will let us both call him "my little wombat"... but if you had first dibs on the name... I'll call him, ummm... "my big wombat" (no,no, no...that sounds kind of dirty!) ummm... "my little esoteric"? Hell, I'll just call him Patrick and live the "little, big, esoteric, wombat" all for you! ;)

  7. I meant "leave" not live

  8. oh my goodness. i guess i have to fall in line behind all the admirers, eh? awesome rendition. my heart picked up the pace there. hope you're enjoying the rest of the hols, wombat.

  9. Now, I am in line behind you Trans.. what are we thinking??

  10. Candi: Thanks. I hope your Christmas was awesome.

    GotB: I am soooo not getting involved in this.

    tran: Good to see you back here earlier than expected. For those kind words, thanks. Your avatar leads me to believe that you've been enjoying your holidays. Hope you continue to do so.

  11. Oh and I didn't mean not to respond to...

    Sar: I'm not quite sure how we'd manage that, but it's certainly something I wouldn't mind doing.

    *gets in line behind Candi* Hey, what are we waiting for?

  12. I don't know, isn't this the day to take shit back to the store..maybe that line.. I'd prefer to be in a line to see..ummmmm let's see..... SOAD ..OR TOOL!!!!!!!!!

  13. Is the returns line so long that it extends to the Internet? Yeah, I can totally see that.

    What if it was SOAD and Tool? That would be like woah

  14. Hell yea! .. Now you got my attention!

  15. Played without permission inside a WalMart during the returns rush. The store is destroyed in the resulting mosh pit as Paul d'Amour and Daron Malakian exchange guitar solos so awesome they hurt

  16. Oh, what do you know? It looks like Tool's mostly done with their fourth album. I can't wait.

  17. GOTB, technically he actually is a big wombat though. ;)

  18. by Wombat standards I'm a titan

  19. I had to do this, Alice in Wonderland or Not forgive me, I have nothing to do until I leave this weekend.

    I'm here due to Alice recommneded link.

    Alice you do like them tall.

    Cool blues dude.

  20. Okay... so he is a big, titan wombat! I still like "my little wombat"... :)~

  21. Love the voice though I never, ever heard BB kings. I did smile a lil bit, if thats ok?

  22. It kinda saddens me that no one else seems to know who John Popper is. Even wikipedia's entry on him is rather shallow.

    Then again, I just realized that I missed the last two Blues Traveler albums. I mean what the hell is up with that?

    robotman: Thanks. I've certainly been trying to get my blues vocals right lately.

    GotB: there are few nicknames I will shy away from. In the unlikely event that you cross that line, I'll let you know.

    De.ville: Well it was actually on a christmas cd. I only stumbled upon it because I work in a record store-- I never buy those cds, and this was no exception, I downloaded it.

    Thanks for all the kind words about these ol' vocal cords. Its something I hope to build upon

  23. Awesome!

    And thanks for the lovely mention!

    BTW, I got money for my bass for Christmas! I'm still trying to find the one I want. I will...no doubt...update my blog as soon as I get it (baby bass, that is!).