I've got a problem. Luckily, its not AIDS

Apparently, it's hard for people to know when I'm making a joke in text. And because of the kind of sense of humor I have, I tend to seem like a complete dick when my intent is misread. Its something I've been struggling with for a while. And I swear, if it was in person you'd know. Whether or not you'd laugh is a different matter. The reason I'm saying this is I guess I was misread in Alice's latest comment thread.

Anydangways, I have provided the answer to a question that will boggle many for (I predict) years to come regarding the war in Iraq. It can be found over at Absurdity Jam.

I guess I kind of got caught up in Blog Against Racism (see below if you haven't already) , and I forgot that today is also AIDS awareness day. Since both AIDS and racism share a common thread in that they are causing unwarrantedly large death tolls in Africa, I thought I'd make a note of this: Catholic missionaries in Africa are telling people that condoms don't provide any protection from the transmission of HIV. Obviously, they are pushing abstinince. The result? People are just leaving their condoms behind when they engage in sex.

I'll take "Too bogged down in their fucking agenda to look at its cost in human life" for 1000, Alex.

Some other facts about AIDS:

It was originally dubbed GRID, or Gay-Related Immune Deficiency, until health authorities realized that nearly half of the people identified with the syndrome were not gay.

Ronald Reagan's absolute refusal to address the issue, or even talk to any openly gay man during his tenure as president exacerbated the AIDS crisis at its genesis. This led to the "Silence is Death" campaign amongst the gay community and its supporters. It's also why I can't stand it when people put Reagan up on a pedestal. I think its a motto that should persist in our culture. I know it will never leave me.

"AIDS" was the name of a diet candy in 1980, marketed as a healthy alternative candy.
A tagline for it: "in the future, AIDS will be synonymous with healthful, active lifestyles."


So yeah, basically where I'm going with this is

Why did someone have to screw a monkey?
Why oh why did someone have to screw a monkey?


  1. Thanks for posting that Wombat.

    I think that missionaries are no more well meaning than we were in going to Iraq.

  2. I didn't think anything about your comment over at Alice's... I knew what you were saying... :) No need to feel like a "complete dick" or whatever!!

    AIDS is a great great tragedy in this world. Along with the Cancer. I am with you... on the monkey thing!! and I just have to say "yuck"...

  3. Alice: We are in agreement

    GotB: I know, Seriously!

  4. Maybe the monkey screwed the person..ya never know!

  5. I have always heard the monkey theory from the beginning but still have trouble believing that had anything to do with it. I know in porno people fuck horses and stuff so I guess there could definetly be some truth to it-one screwing the other in some way, it just seems strange still. Aren't there any other popular explanations-I do remember reading HIV was a man made virus somewhere so maybe not...