Fuck you, Racism

I've been informed by my usual source for such matters that today is Blog Against Racism Day.

Alice mentions in her post that the fact that there has been absolutely no coverage of the genocide in Africa is proof positive that racism is still a problem. I'm inclined to agree.

I'm also inclined to agree with Kanye West about Bush.

The fucked up thing is, none of us can wash our hands of it. Hell, even today at work I was given specific instructions as to which dvds I needed to put in a security tray before putting them on the shelf. Two guesses as to what the instructions were.

There are times where addressing racism is almost as much of a social faux pas as racism itself.

As such, the extent to which blatant racism is swept under the rug in this country is staggering.

Sean Hannity defended the man who said that on national fucking televison.

The reason the topic is avoided is because there is latent racism in just about everyone. And yes, I said everyone. it's not a one-way street, even though the problem is weighed heavily to one side. Its nigh impossible to be exposed to our culture and avoid it.

The solution? Can't say I have one at the ready. But there will never be a solution if we hide from the issue.


  1. Very very true! It is all around us. I have friend that I used to go out with all the tim who happens to have color in his skin. One night a bunch of assholes started asking hinm stupid questions eventually slammed their chair into his and tried to fight with him! I couln't believe it! Still can't believe it. This guy is the coolest, most laid back guy I ever met. I felt so bad for him and more embarrassed to be white!

  2. As with the few posts I have read on this subject today, you cover it well and there is not need for me to elaborate.

    It stands without commentary.

  3. Candi: People just suck is all. Large groups of stupid people who have something trivial in common just find large, stupid ways to suck

    Alice: I'm honored, as always.

  4. ok, i kinda have a problem with equating ignorance with racism. Maybe we have tunnel vision and are short-sighted, but racism to me entails a purposeful action, or inaction. Our inaction regarding Africa should not be blamed solely on our American leaders, but on the American and world community, to not garnish enough support and stand up in support of stopping ethnic fighting. And the reason why we don't is because most are simply unaware or caught up in their own agendas, and do not have enough time to follow up on this issue. This is not racism. There are just too many problems in our world today.

    Leaving a mark :)

  5. still though, we jumped all over the genocide in Yugoslavia. And you're right. American leaders aren't solely to blame for the inaction. But they won't even say anything about it. And they, unlike others, answer to us as voters, so when we discuss this I feel we need to start there.

  6. also, thanks for stopping by again ^_^