*Insert title evocative of frustration related to working retail during the holiday season here*

Fucking work.

I'm on six days starting Sunday, so I might not have much time to post here during that time. So many cash-weilding automotons whoring themselves out to commerce.

What has made the past few days particularly annoying has been the Eminem cd constantly playing in an effort to bump up sales of his new greatest hits cd. Holy shit does that guy's stuff get old fast. Every time someone asked me to find his cd today I stopped myself from saying, "are you fucking kidding?

The worst songs are the ones where he sings in the hook. Fucker cannot carry a tune to save his life, and believe me, if he was singing near me that would be an issue.


Not having anything else to blog about at the moment, allow me to impart a story that gets passed around amongst actors who think as I do that a great deal of method acting is bullshit. Dustin Hoffman and Lawrence Olivier were co-stars in "Marathon Man." One sequence took place after Hoffman's character had spent a night running around in New York City. To get into character, Hoffman spent the night before shooting running about the streets. When he arrived on the set he naturally looked like hell. Olivier sat, sipping his tea, and inquired as to his condition, to which Hoffman explained that he was getting into character.

To which Olivier replied, "Dear boy, why don't you try acting?"

I used a similar line on a friend of mine who prepared for his role as the Bloody Man in Macbeth by donating blood and then exercising. Good times


  1. I love that play.. lol

    By the pricking of my thumbs,
    Something wicked this way comes.

    I know not method acting...you either are acting or you're not; that method stuff borderson a psychological condition.

  2. I was one of the witches (re-envisioned as male druidic high priests). Imagine the pic in my profile only with an expression of pure rage and even more crazily unkempt hair. I gave some people nightmares

    I can quote more of that play than you could care to hear. Maybe some day I'll get drunk and audioblog the Porter monologue.

  3. "Try acting" huh? How profound! I pity your ass having to listen to Eminem like that...DAMN! Too bad you don't work at Hot Topic!

  4. Oh man I don't think I'd last at Hot Topic. I mean sure they're just about the only ones who peddle Jhonen Vasquez's wares, but I don't think I could spend all that time around goths. I know a few who are cool, but most of the rest of them annoy the fuck out of me. (Do not take offense to this if you are gothic and cool. If you are gothic and suck though seriously stop with that suicidal gesture across the wrist shit and slice down it next time)

  5. I mean I just 'feel' for this Hoffman guy. Its some kinda system, this smart ass talking, like to give u an inferior complex or something.

    Btw, there was this joke that i Tried to spread around, saying you could make any albino whine rap if you kept abusing him. Surprisingly, large amount of 17 year old pimplefaces listen to Eminem.

  6. fab blog.......just surfing by...xo

  7. Not a goth..old skool punk ass stoner kind.... I buy all my clothes there..hehe! I have some many of those damned discount cards stamped up from Hot Topic I should give them out with my xmas cards!... have never used one, I always forget them!

    I agree, slice to the bone!

  8. I was pretty sure you weren't goth, and in fact I'll go there too from time to time (they may be the only store that will sell a guy my size loose-fitting pants- i've yet to find out because the fifty dollar price tag doesn't really fit my budget). It's just that there are too many goths who go to the Hot Topic in my mall for me to be able to hack it on a regular basis.

    Incidentally I didn't mean slice inward... I was talking about this (scroll down)

  9. De.ville: I've hung around my share of method actors and trust me, you don't need to feel sorry for them.

    I can understand Eminem's appeal, I just don't get how anyone can stand him for an entire LP.

    kitten: well where's yours?

  10. eminem does get old after awhile... but when I am really pissed off I choose to play some of his songs...uhhh I guess that is what you call them...

    MacBeth..."Out, damned spot! out, I say!" Sorry... that's the only quote I remember! ;)

    Hope you get through the shopping frenzy without killing anyone!

  11. I used to channel rage through "The Way I am," but since then I've turned to System of a Down, Disturbed, Dillenger Escape Plan, Tool, Nirvana, and some others that don't pop immedeately to mind

    What need we fear who knows it, when none can call
    our power to account?--Yet who would have thought the old man to
    have had so much blood in him?

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