a tale told by an insomniac, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

My time lately has been pretty much spent either at work or at my computer. It's getting kind of pathetic, but there really isn't anything else for an automotively challenged college dropout (which, lets face it, is what I am until I get the hell back on that shit) to do in the middle of suburbia. So here in the middle of what will be when all is told a streak of 12 consecutive workdays, my outlook is less than sunny. Also my paycheck is two days late. Fucking snow (when I was little I promised myself that those words would never escape me but here we are)

I mean, yeah, as far as problems go my shit is trivial. I mean, I have a job, even though I'm not getting paid enough, and nothing is killing me, but all the same that doesn't cast any light on where I am, it just gives me darker places to contemplate.

Oh, just a note. If at any point on this blog I start to sound like an emo kid, please tell me. I'm trying to maintain at least some sense of dignity here and, you know how it goes, the eye sees not itself and all that shit.

Richard Pryor is dead.

I only hope that his memory isn't smeared by a tribute show laden with shitty comics who've built their careers riding on his coattails. I mean seriously, what is that? All it takes for a black comedian to get laughs is jokes about white people, no matter how poorly crafted or delivered. All it takes is a nasal "white guy voice," and laughter ensues. Pryor was one of maybe two guys who could do it and be genuinely funny.

Don't get me wrong, I know which end of the stick I was handed when it comes to race relations, but I find it abhorrent for stupid people to profit from racism. And they do. All colors, too.

But shit, all that is secondary. What matters is that planet Earth has lost a comic genius. As one who understands how important laughter is, I can't really convey how much that sucks


  1. Aside from your comments on how much work sucks, I am upset about Prior's death. I remember the movie "The Toy" being one of my favorite movies of all time, of course it is a little racist and kinda defeats the purpose of your post to recognize this movie, but it was funny for other reasons too. I have to assume from your blog you work at a music store, no other way you would have to listen to Eminem over and over again. Well, hopefully this week they will focus on SOAD for you in the store-don't think I could get sick of it that quickly. Good luck, and congrats on winning the contest!

  2. DUDE! Did I read that right you have 12 days in a row to work? No day off? FUCK THAT! ...is all I am saying! Good luck with that and shit!

  3. "everyone's a little bit racist.
    bigotry has never been exclusively white.
    If we all could just admit
    that we are racist a little bit,
    eventhough we all know that it's wrong,
    maybe it would help us --


    i swear.. this is my last aveQ reference i will make! it's just so fitting, come on!

    as for work, it sure as hell beats staying at home with absolutely nothing to do. at least you have your computer. i spilled soda on mine and haven't had any time, nor drive, to get it fixed.

    enjoy the snow, baby! you'll miss it like hell if you ever end up on the west coast. then again, are you stuck shoveling?

    Richard Pryor is -- ?? there goes my rest of my day.

    good morning to you, too, Sunshine.

  4. Chris: I'm like the only one there who listens to SOAD. Part of me wants to put some William Hung cds in there so that everyone suffers

    Candi: I know, seriously! And my bosses are all "we're working even more this week." And in my mind I want to shout, "That's not my problem, whores!"

    Dylann: You get to reference Avenue Q all you want. It's great. What happened to your job?

    Sorry about the rude awakening.

  5. Please use your William Hung idea and let me know how it goes-you will be my hero!

  6. avenue q is great.

    No you are not sounding too emo at this time. I will let you know. he was actually did a lot of bashing of both races, he was pretty funny though I remember sitting around once with friends listening to a regular old vinyl album on a real record player someone had gotten out as there were alwayus parents that had a ton of vinyl stored somewhere.... ...and actually laughing so hard we were about peeing our pants.

    I hope you make it through the next twelve days...be strong....;)

  7. Does someone need a hug? ;)

  8. Chris: Actually they just stopped playing Eminem here, but I think I'll do it if something equally annoying is piped in.

    Alice: I love good racial humor. Richard Pryor and Sarah Silverman are shining examples. Actually what I meant that I was in the middle of the streak, which is to say I had worked six days in a row and had six days in front of me. I'll try not to wig out nonetheless

    Candi: Please?

  9. My name is Girl on the Blog... not Candi... LOL! That would have been really bad if we were dating... LOL!!!

  10. oh crap... I'm sorry. I guess that means no hug, huh?

  11. Sure... I guess I can forgive... but I not so sure I can forget... LOL!!!

  12. LMFAO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. aaiieeee. twelve days straight sucks major ass. i would seriously find a way to entertain myself, but i guess that sort of entertainment gets old by the second day. hang in there. and i'm hug-generous today, so i can give you one if GOTB changes her mind. :)

  14. Awesome.
    yeah, I've been trying. If I really get bored I'll start chastising people for their taste in music.

  15. and to think you were telling me last night that no one ever hugged you.....so I gave you what????????????? Like twenty hugs?............................... They weren't good enough I see. ;)

  16. My only recommendation: Do whatever you can to increase the laughter. My favourite philosopher calls it...Golden Laughter.