Yeah, this one is kind of all over the place.

So I picked up Hypnotize the other day. It was pretty awesome.

I'm not going to get in depth about it though. I rambled on way overmuch last time I talked about an album. Suffice to say, it rocked.

It rocked so hard

Anyways, the trailer for X3 is out, and I can't run it. Thanks a fucking lot, apple. In retaliation, I'm going to put something really morbid about you out in the open.

You know the Apple logo? Apple with a bite out of it? Remember how it used to be rainbow-colored? This was homage to Alan Turing, widely seen as the father of modern computer science. He worked for the US military during the Cold War until they found out he was gay. In shame, he committed suicide by biting into an apple that he'd laced with cyanide.

Who'd think a colorful, bitten apple could be morbid?

Anyways, there has been an addition to the X-Men cast. Me? I'm a fan of Kelsey Grammar as The Beast. Others disagree, but whatever. It's like just because a guy did a TV show that means he doesn't get to take on any other roles. He's got the voice, the sophistication, and the build. At least they didn't cast The Rock (not intended as an insult to The Rock who is a hell of an action hero and by all accounts a cool guy. The point is he should not be The Beast).

on to other things.

The Saddam Hussein trial is a farce. It doesn't matter if he ever sets foot in that courtroom again (he's bitching about cigarette breaks). No matter what, two things are true. One, he is guilty. Two, there is no ruttin' way to prove it. Really, they should have just fragged that hole and been done with it. This is coming from a guy who vehemently opposes the death penalty (More on that some other time).

Also, Mel Gibson is doing a movie about the Holocaust. I wonder how he's going to answer the inevitable questions about his father's Holocaust denial. Personally I think they're both batshit insane.

That's all for now. I'm out.


  1. Im now officially hooked ere.

    X men is only solely Hugh Jackman and nothing else to me.

    Btw, was talking about Syd Barret solo. Great when ur doing math, bad when ur reading.

  2. You\'re are right both Saddam and Mel are insane.

    Just watching the coverage of the trial is , as I think I have stated elsewhere, like a sitcom... a bad one at that.

  3. LMFAO @ Batshit insane!!!! I lovo Kelsey Grammer and would love seeing more of him! Wonder why he hasn't gone to the big screen before??? I think he is brillian!

  4. De. ville: Good to hear it.

    Yeah, Jackman is pretty much tops, but I like Anna Paquin too.

    I've never heard Barret solo. I should check it out as his guitarwork is awesome.

    Alice: Yeah, a bad one that is causing deaths. No one needs this.

    Candi: Well, he didn't really have the time to do movies during Frasier, and after that ended he did some Shakespere (To wit: Othello and Macbeth, neither of which was recieved terribly well sadly). He was in The Big Empty as an FBI agent, and in some movie called the Good Humor Man, which I didn't see. However, he's got three movies coming up this year and next year, so he may be back in the swing of things.

  5. I worship SOAD and fucking love the hypnotize and mesmorize. I think all the X-men movies have been great-and getting better. I was curious why the hell Nightcrawler was introduced before Beast, but atleast he is there now-Yes I was a comic book junkie in my younger years. I think the Sadam trial is complete shit but I kinda disagree about fragging him so soon. Better that he get fucked up the ass a bunch in prison first, then shot, or hung, or electrocuted-maybe all three together in some very slow and painful way. Somehow I missed linking your true blog-but it is linked now-goodnight

  6. Next thing ya know... "The Life and Times of SADDAM"... directed my Mel Gibson, starring Mel Gibson! Gee Whiz!!!

  7. Oh hey, I am gonna put Hynotize on my blog later on. They fucking rock! In the mean time loving BYOB evertime I hit my blog... HAHA! I hate to take it off yet!