No spite, just contempt

When I went to Chicago, the Cubs became my second home team. And I learned to hate the White Sox, who are (depending on the day of the week), my second or third most disliked team. Their pinstriped uniforms, their dreadful stadium, and the fact that if you're in Chicago and are a total asshole, you're probably a White Sox fan.

And there's a reason for this. White Sox fans fall under three categories for the most part

A) the descendants of people who didn't switch to the Cubs after the Black Sox scandal.

B) Shitheads who listen to awful hip-hop (they don't necessarily care about baseball, its just that White Sox gear is more after their style)

C) the people who moved to Chicago, some of whom didn't know any better and joined the jackholes in group A, and their descendants.

Of all sports teams who have ever had long droughts, the White Sox and their fan base are the only ones who have ever deserved it. The funny thing is that if you ask one of them if they're cursed, they'll tell you some story about when the team was sold (I think in the 1980s but don't quote me) into unwholesome hands, and not, say, the fact that their next pennant season after the last time they won a championship ended with a fixed World Series, all of the participants of which got acquitted by a jury of White Sox fans. Not too surprising, though. Just about every baseball historian in Chicago is a Cubs fan.

There are, of course, cool and good-natured White Sox fans. Well, there are at least three of them. There are probably others...

Like I said, this isn't about spite for the current state of the division series. I wasn't counting on this win anyways, so I'm not worried. Wells will win one for us, and I see no reason why we can't take two in Fenway. My contempt for the White Sox, just like my contempt for the Braves, is independant of my love of the Red Sox.



    Don't they have pills to take away all the angst which appears to strike so many during the seaons of the baseball?

    I do so hate to see you suffereing so.

  2. I've got no angst. I just hate the White Sox. I'd have posted the same thing had the Red Sox one, except with an addendum to the effect of "my heart smiles to see those swine fall at our hands"

    I'm not suffering. Well, not because of baseball.

  3. I can't be upset. I feel bad for Matt Clement who seems like a genuinely decent human being. If his nerves got to him, I can empathize and would point that the other starter today would certainly be able to relate to that in times past. After about 8 runs, it was clearly going to be just one of those things and if we can't shake this off tomorrow then oh, well. We'll go down 0-2, lose it at home and then sit back and relax (and watch the Angels beat the Cards in the W.S.) I don't hate the White Sox because honestly I don't think about the White Sox. They engender no emotion whatsoever. This may change if they continue with the curtain calls and the hotdog play.

  4. like I said, I hate them because I was exposed to them in Chicago and found them to be repulsive.

    And you're right. No worries. It's already been a hell of a ride.