Who'd think it? There's an excess of good TV out there this season, and thats even without taking cable into consideration. I'm trying to avoid being devoured whole, so I'm focusing in mainly on four shows.

LOST: Abrams is a crazy bastard, and sure knows how to write TV, though in truth LOST is more of a film serial. Its as if Gilligan's Island was a modern drama, and moreover, a good show. (Sorry Bob Denver; the show that made you a cherished icon was a piece of shit whose only redeeming value was Ginger and Mary-Ann)

Kitchen Confidential and Arrested Development: Actual quality in situation comedy!!!

Boston Legal: Brilliantly shot, paced, and styled courtroom show that accomplishes the impossible: It makes William Shatner a good actor, as opposed to an awesomely bad one. Oddly enough, it reminds me of an anime called Samurai Champloo, but that is neither here nor there.

Also, I need to get my hands on the Firefly dvds before I go to see Serenity, but once again that doesn't bear any pertinence. Nor does any of this. Why am I talking about TV shows? I'm avoiding the subject, that's why.


  1. I keep hearing AD is a good show, one of these days I am going to actually sit down and watch it.

    Six Feet Under-Too bad it's gone but it was good while it lasted and the last show was primo.That was an a great show.

    Boston Legal - James Spader ummmm, old and blonde but I love him and William Shatner is a surprisingly good character actor. Maybe that shows what writing can do.

    A friend of mine went to the opening stuff here for Serenity and really was not all that impressed. I am still going to see it even though I know nothing of the series.

  2. I was actually talking about this with a guy from my improv troupe. Good writing can help an actor improve by leaps and bounds, and not just when performing a given piece. I personally turned a corner when I had to play a streetcorner evangelist-turned-reverend who gets turned on by suffering in Suzan Lori Parks' In The Blood

    But did you see the latest Boston Legal? Spader doing the sort of arm stretches while crossing a witness that had just embarrased him

    Judge: What are you doing?

    Spader: I'm warming up (spins, lens flare as he throws his finger out at the witness) did you kill him?

  3. It's been a great run, these last 3 years. So now it's someone else's time. But we'll be back, fill the holes in the pitching, get some youth, a couple more consistent bats and we'll keep being in it. Thank you, Red Sox. Have a good winter.