I was a bit down after the Sox went down in 3 to Chicago.

Then I popped in the 2004 World Championship dvd.

I'd waited 18 years for that to happen. I can wait one year before they win another one.


  1. Whenever I'm down I do the same thing. Really since 2003 it's just been a great ride, huge ups and downs, the whole gamut of emotions, yadeya. I think I kind of need a breather, a short October, time to rest up and we go get 'em again (but maybe not 2006, more likely 2007 with all those young guys who'll be coming up).

  2. Obviously I don't keep up with baseball but I did think of you when I heard they had been ousted. I was hoping that you had plenty of other things going on so that this obsession you have coupled with the results would not cause you undue agony. ;)

    You have that nasty spam virus.....do something about that will you.

    Die Spammers Die.

  3. losing a game 7 to the Yankees in 2003 because Grady Little is an idiot was agony.

    Having two games when Nomar was denied an at-bat in 1999 due to botched calls on tag outs that weren't was agony.

    Seeing Roger Clemens, who was at one time my favorite player, become a Yankee, was agony.

    Watching the Red Sox win last year was sweet, sweet bliss that cannot be understood by anyone who hadn't experienced the previous three, and have been burdened by the horror stories of generations past.

    This is merely unfortunate.