I said that a longer post would come after sleep

and I hold to that. This is not that post however, as I have not slept yet. This one sprung up from a conversation with Aerynn, who I introduce in the post below.

Regard this Muppets clip. There are things I will say of it.

Aside from the classic, catchy tune, and the as always enormously entertaining muppeteering, there is a deeper layer.

Let us work backwards.

The Beatnik dude ran away from the identical pink creatures for some reason. a possible question is do they exist at all; he's certainly the type that might be on acid, but Kermit's interaction with them and the phone call at the end change that.

It should be noted that while bizarre in appearance they are concrete in comparison to the beatnik. Comfortable even. Their movements are more rythimic. Their harmony is consistant. They have a pretty firm grip on the world around them. Now let's take a look at the two of them. Colored pink, with mascara, eye shadow (or perhaps black eyes?) and yellow lipstick, they are clearly feminine.

to recap, they are on the surface different in every way from anyone else on the outside and yet are behaving normally than the beatnik, who while also bizarre, is more humanoid.

The signifigance? The two pink things are lesbians, and the adopted parents of the beatnik, who as a result of being surrounded by femininity and outlandish physical form has done his best to emulate his parents, wearing a fuzzy dress that hides his legs, which his parents do not posess posess.

It should also be noted that he has not thrown his masculinity out the window; whereas if he were setting out to completely feminize himself he would have chosen a pink dress he chose green, and furthermore went out of his way to grow a beard that is impossible not to notice. Like any son he simultaneously embraces and rebels against his parents, as is encapsulated by the song. He sings his part, but wanders off from the beaten path. Look at his parents. They are not amused, and he knows it.

Their annoyance intimidates him and stifles him at first, but in the end his resolve grows strong. He leaves the oppressive musical stylings of his parents and runs away from home. And naturally, he calls back. But he is not asking his parents to pick him up at the bus station as one might guess. He calls back to get the last words. His parents are shocked, and have no response. He has won.


  1. I am thinking that maybe you should be an actor,writer,and psychologist to those not appearing to be exactly human but having human characteristics.

    Your analytical skills are quite top notch.

  2. Heh. If only I could find a client base.

    I am always happy to entertain.