I updated my links. As usual, it took a signifigant shove to persuade me to do so.

This time around it was my dear friend Aerynn's return to the blogosphere. If you enjoy my writing, I believe that you will find hers to be immensely appreciable.

Alice has words about Miers. She is being a lot more tactful in this matter than I have any inclination to be. That having been said her views on the matter are my own as well, with this as an addendum.

Religion is not a political issue unless you make it one. And if you make it one, there is something seriously fucked up about your politics, and probably your religion as well.

I have the idea in my head that my next post might be a rather long one as there is something on my mind, but sleep will happen before that, if that's cool with everyone. I'm not entirely sure you'll all be interested anyways.


  1. how do you feel about theocratic states and state religions?

  2. I know for sure the world is coming to and end when you are posting more that I am. lol

    I'm heading up to your next post now.

  3. Alice: This particular two-post night came by request, but I hope to have more soon.

    Crys: I believe that no one has the right to impose a doctrine of faith over another in any way, whether by force, politics, threat of damnation, or (as is the popular method nowadays) slander of those who do not adhere. To say that Miers' faith is a reason to vote her in is to imply that those without faith or of a different faith are less worthy and thus an affront to the freedom to practice or not practice.

    The joining of government and politics with religion is morally treasonable to any under its rule.

    On a different note, Where's your blog?