Ok so I ended up reneging on what I said earlier anyways, but that only happened just now

I just don't sound right tonight. Which isn't to say that there's anything wrong with my voice-- it's still sexy as ever-- but rather my narrative and conversational voice seem to be off, and I don't think that in my current state I would be able to do the topic I was going to blog on justice. So I guess there's a strong possibility that I'll never blog about it and leave all of you wondering what exactly it was I was going to talk about. Wondering, or not caring I guess. I mean you can't care about everything

either that blog poll thing never swung by or else I didn't get seen because I buried my opinion of Miers but suffice to say I will never cease in my opposition. Well, I will when the matter is settled I guess... There are so many things about it that would by themselves carry the weight against her nomination that I don't quite know why there's even a discussion but then I realize just how many people think that I hate America.

So I might have a fever coming on and I know I have a headache so I'll probably go to bed right about now but I'm making a note right now that my laptop is once again in the shitter, though is at the moment intermittently useful. I think the problem is that it got overheated and fried its RAM.

So yeah I guess I'm done here. Peace.

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