A short post, for those without inclination to read the behemoth of a post that lies below this one

The English language is a largely subjective thing. There are many bits of human experience that simply do not find representation in a dictionary

On my mind on the moment is this

When in the business of cooking and consuming brownies, there is often a fair bit of baked good that clings to the side, cooked more thoroughly than the rest. Some would say overcooked, but such is folly. They are a treat of different but equal value as the rest of the pan, and they have no name. I'm working on it.

Not round the clock or anything, but you know.


  1. Another great blog man! What a 4 you are! I couldn't derive half the fantastic ideas that you come up with.
    My christmas diaper cake site is a little off your topic but noteworthy. Why aren't you in advertising or better yet a "think tank". Can you teach this kind of creative thinking? Is it something you were born with? Keep the fabulous ideas coming! Let's say a prayer for our boys in Iraq and hope for the best.

  2. Ok so part of me wants to delete this foul comment spam out of principle, but this is entertainingly poor advertising.

    The first line tells you it is spam. The rest of it tells you that this man is an idiot (I want the names of all people who would even think of buying something called a "diaper cake"). To cap it off, he insults both any god that might exist and our men and women in uniform by involving them in this shit.

    I think this guy just won the shithead race.

  3. ha ha ha

    This post was actually precious I love it, the nameing of the crap that sticks to the side of the pan.