WRBR the first *Update*

Update: I've been actually busy lately... go figure. I try to get writing every day and all of a sudden there are friends I need to see, and I actually start getting decent hours at work. I've got a little something kicking around in my mind for my next post, so I'll probably put it up sometime after work tonight (maybe around 1... I can't promise anything though.) It's pouring out now and that will either mean a busy day as everyone comes to rent videos and beat the rain, or a slow one because nobody wants to leave to go to the store. Usually most everyone has the same take on it for some reason..

In any case, I hope the rain doesn't last too long as there's an outside chance that I might have to walk home tonight... from Mass Ave Boston to the suburban wasteland to the north. Stupid MBTA.

So I'll probably have something for all of you later. As for why I didn't make this a seperate post, you'll know the next time I do a full one.

Well, this is sort of a response to Alice's WRBR thingus (see below). I'm not doing the cartoon one just yet because I'm (a) not sure who it'd be and (b) I want to do something thematic about it but not quite sure what exactly. However, I will share with all of you one of my tricks in the trade when it comes to grilling, which is a skill I pride myself in.

See, I come from a rather large extended family- over 40 cousins on one side. Thus, I sometimes find myself working the grill for a rather large crowd, many of whom are kids. Some would dispair at this, but alas, I lick my lips at the process, because of this trick I invented.

I do it like this. Fire up the grill and put the hamburgers and hot dogs on. The key to this -and I really do not know how to instruct anyone specifically on this one- is to be able to cook a damned fine hamburger. Cook the first grillfull on slow... make 'em wait for it. By the time the burgers are done, the younglings are at the point where they simply must have their fix. But they know that my product is good. They devour it as soon as it leaves the fire. By then the grill is good and hot, and I up the heat and cook another batch at a faster pace. repeat untill all of the burgers, hotdogs, and similar class B grill fodder are expended and the masses are expended and the masses (those who are impatient or who lack the stomach capacity to continue) are quelled. then reach into the cooler for the mainstage meat. On comes the steak, the marinated chicken, the pork chops (I'll at a later date reveal how to make pork chops even more delicious) , the good Italian sausage, etc, etc, and a feast of the knowing occurs.

the mantra is, "he who eats last, eats best."

Also, while I thought I answered the other questions earlier but apparently didn't submit, here goes.

Mickerdoo: Marge Simpson, Peg Bundy, and Clair Huxtable, in that order.


1. Chicago has some chill locales and some nice sights, but Boston is my home. I've yet to find any place that compares to Newbury Street or Harvard Square, or even Davis Square, in Chicago (sure neither of those are in Boston proper but what the hell)

2. Ted Williams. Williams is, to repeat everyone who matters, the greatest hitter who ever lived, as well as a great man and a patriot. He may never have brought a championship to Boston, and in fact there are some who would give him goat horns for his Series batting average, but that is beside the point. In terms of technical mastery of his craft, there is no man his equal. Had he not spent five years of his prime in a fighter jet (and he was a damned good fighter pilot, too), there is no telling what sort of numbers he may have put up. His book, The Science of Hitting, is easily the definitive work on the subject. Easily the most deserving of all Red Sox who got their numbers retired

3. Actually, it just so happens that there's more work for actors in Chicago than anywhere else. Also, there's more work availible that doesn't require one to be an Equity (the stage actor's union) member. Furthermore, as I'm being taught entirely by people who are currently getting work in Chicago theatre, I'll have a lot of Chicago-based theater contacts, so that also would bid me stay there a while. That being said, to make the serious money you need to go to one of those cities (for the most part). So I don't know when I'd be moving on, but still I'll try and answer that question. My height seriously limits what I can do on stage, but a film director would be far more likely to cast someone who's 6'6" than a stage director, because if you play with angles it can work better. Then of course there's tv, which really doesn't have a particular hold on either city, but if I carry on with my writing, and if I study at Second City as I plan to, may also be a possibility. In short, I can't tell one way or the other, but if I did make the move for some reason soon after graduation, then maybe LA would be more likely

Ok, so that about does it for now... Alice, I will at some later date (perhaps tomorrow if nothing is forthcoming) addresss your other requests. As for the rest of you, don't hesitate, even if its about something that you don't think I'd know about. Not that I probably do know, but its always fun to answer a question when you don't really know the answer.


  1. Hey dude.

    you'd rather bang Bundy than Marge? Interesting. one of my friends had Marge for blowjob, because 'she's a cartoon, i dont know about the other holes, but i KNOW she has a mouth'. good stuff.

  2. well here's the thing. At this point in my existance I see no reason why I need to put my equipment into a waste disposal device. However, for the purposes of this game, I needed an answer, and I figured that as a cartoon, Marge would require less cleaning afterwards. So yeah.

  3. I eagerly await the other.

    Oh yeah and you could squish that Tom Cruise like a bug that would be sheer awesomenss.

  4. 1. Who would you say is America's greatest playwright?
    2. Greatest actor? actress? Why?
    3. Why didn't you go to Emerson?

  5. on the contrary, i love the rain. being in vegas, the rain's so random that when it's here [like it is right now], i walk home!

    not really, but i'm hoping it's the thought that counts =)