A prelude to madness

Well, its been four days since my last post, and that one was a bit of a cop-out, really. I mean I had already written it. (well, my bits at least) Incidentally, however, the fine print in the AIM EULA dictates that AOL owns the copyright to all conversations and indeed everything transmitted via their service, so assuming for arguement's sake that this is in any way legally defensible (which it isn't, not by a long shot), AOL is now in the dubious position of owning the copyright to a world domination scheme. Anyways, to the subject of my delinquency.

The question one might ask in view of such blogging inactivity, is "what has he been doing for the past month?" a question with two readily availible answers. "Everything," and "Nothing." "Everything," would imply that I am far too busy to be arranging, or attempting to arrange, "1000 words in cunning order," on any regular basis. This is patently false as anyone who has IMed with me or indeed paid any kind of attention to my posts of late. "Nothing," on the other hand, would imply that there is nothing of note happening in my life and that I'm incapable of finding anything to write about. This is a bit closer to the mark, but still not quite true, as there have been things happening and things I've done that were indeed possible to relate humorously or interestingly with written word. The fact of the matter is, I'm just not, for lack of a better phrase, feeling it. I guess I've just been out of it lately, not due to any ailment or anything but a general malaise. This is a problem as while I will not pretend that the world will stop turning at the cessation of my blogging, much less an inconsistancy thereof.

The problem is that as a writer I need to be in the habit of writing every day, and in fact this blog was an attempt to get myself in the habit, and as you can see it has not succeded there.

So, I am going to borrow an idea from the wonderful, whimsical Pansi (who I should have linked by now because I rather enjoy her blog yet have fallen behind in reading it because I use the links on this blog for my trawling), and open up a segment, as it were, which I shall call, Wombat's Rambling by Request. Here's how it works. If there's anything at all you would like to see here, a question answered, a topic in need of my particular brand of pointification, a matter to be explained, or any form of writing prompt, just drop it in the comments for my most recent blog entry with a prefix to the effect that its being submitted for WRR(WRBR?). I'll take the ones I like and copy them to a list on my computer. Then, the next time I'm bloging and can't think of anything to write, I'll pop open the list and break one out. Hopefully, with this I'll be able to post something once a day.

It should be noted that the answers to my questions, my explainations, my advice, and my pointifications may at some times drift away from that which you may find to be true in your travels in actual reality. It is thus that I must give this disclaimer, in the tradition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: This blog is definitive. Reality is a frequent innacurate.

All that having been said, is there anything you want to know or hear?


  1. Wombat, baby cakes , tall dude---- Pansi is gonna get those naked gymnasts after you now for sure.

    You should write more, and I told you writing about your
    toes would probably be ok because I imagine they are pretty tall toes. The Tale of Tall Toes; not to be confused with ... oh never mind.

    Adventure in coffee making definitely comes to mind as well; you make a killer combo of some kind and maybe the general public would appreciate the recipe. That’s it!!!!!!!!!!!! Voila!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Cook Blog.

    I would suggest some kind of sexual theme but I fear that people will begin to think I have a one track mind and as I am considering posting on a political blog I want to be taken seriously. If however you want to go in that direction without my suggestion, it's always a good thing for the hot hot month of August. “The Sexual Fantasy of a Cartoon Fanatic”…. Which cartoon character you would really like to get it on with and why.

    I don’t know. I got nothing.

    So what….aol owns all my aim sex convos?

    That seriously sucks.

  2. If you have a moment and you're bored, answer the following question. It's the Ass, Sex, Blowjob game, and we're going to use sitcom moms. Which would you have Ass Sex with, vag sex with, and get a blowjob from? Choosing one for each person.

    Peg Bundy, Marge Simpson, Clair Huxtable

  3. mickerdoo....hmmmm

  4. 1. Which do you prefer, Chicago or Boston? Why?

    2. Who is your all-time favorite Red Sox player? Why?

    3. Where do you think you'll end up after graduation, NY or LA? Why?

    More later.

  5. will you remember the little people when your famous?

    do you really want to be famous?

    i dont think Alice has a one track mind. Sex is a normal topic for all of us really. but i dont think i would ever do that on my blog, but that's just me...and when you do become famous, people would so exploit it.