So, for the fifth consecutive day, I had shit to do last night. My apologies to anyone who tried to contact me last night but got my idle message. Someone else must have been using my computer, and AIM starts up automatically.


I was out until about 12:30 rehearsing and watching others rehearse for the Fourth Wall Theater. I also filled in for a dude who missed his rehearsal and the director said I did a better job than him, and now I've been designated as his personal "asshole coach." This, along with being hailed as portraying the "ultimate pretentious fuckwad" onstage makes me wonder if its entirely a complement that people are telling me that they're glad I joined. Whatever. Why did rehearsal last until past midnight? because there is no organization in Fourth Wall. None. To be honest, that doesn't really bother me all that much as I am, once again, no person to throw stones. Also, I am as you all know a creature of the night. I'm somewhat surprised at myself that I'm typing this this early, but I guess I just love you all that much.

Moving on.

This is where take a look back. Specifically, back over the past few months. For a while it was just me shouting shit into a vacuum, and then Saije got me rolling with a single comment. As I've said before, I started blogging as an outlet for writing, and while I was using it as such before that, I would have never written nearly this much if I didn't have an audience. I want to thank you all for stopping by in the first place, and coming back after you saw what was here. You've each in a very real way helped me progress as a writer and I am grateful. Why am I saying this now? this so happens to be my 100th blogpost. Should it have come sooner? Hells yes., but I hope I can be forgiven.

So there are more questions that have been asked of me. Here goes.

Crys: If I ever do become famous, I'll do my best to make sure I keep in touch with everyone, and of course give credit where credit is due, and use my clout to help my friends as much as I can. That having been said, such promises are easy to make when you're where I am and I can only hope that if I do become famous it won't change me, or at the very least won't change me enough to make the mistake of forgetting where I came from. As for whether I want to be famous, thats an interesting question. For one, there's the job security that comes with name recognition, but getting roles just because of that aspect could potentially make one erode as an actor. It's my contention that that's what happened to Ben Affleck, but few people are agreeing with me. Whatever, dude was the bomb in Phantoms. Also, having clout means that the shit that you want to make has a better chance of getting made. For instance, if Robert Rodriguez hadn't been able to pull strings so that he could convince Frank Miller to make Sin City with him, one of the finer cinematic experiences in history would never have happened. Still though, those are both about fringe benefeits of fame, not fame itself.

If you're an artist, chances are you want people to see and appreciate your work. The distinction is on what level. Some would like to be able to put out work and have people read it and then not be bothered at all, like JD Sallinger. But anyone who read Catcher in the Rye knows that he's a pretty fucked up dude and I doubt anyone was surprised when he moved to Vermont and became a shut-in. As for me, I'm not sure. Part of me would prefer it to have a following equivalent to a prominent webcomic artist. They can go outside without getting noticed, and yet when they make official public appearences they're swarmed with crowds of loyal fans. Then again, It would be pretty cool to have a level of name recognition between say, Mitch Hedburg and Christopher Walken. Not super-stardom, but the right sort of people tend to recognize their stuff. Also, I want to do the commentary track for a dvd some day and you kinda have to be well known to do that... so yeah.

Saije: The words "Great Amercain Playwright" pretty much refer to Arthur Miller, but I have to say that I'm not nearly as impressed with his work as others are. Personally I prefer Mammet's quirky, cadanced dialogue and his dark humor that compliments it oh so well.

It's kinda hard for me to come up with just one actor and one actress. I mean, Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett spring immedeately to my mind, but there are really more that I admire on a similar level than I can list at the moment.

As for Emerson, it is sort of out of my price range. I've contemplated transferring, but for now I'm sticking with Columbia College.

Also, Crys in an IM conversation asked me to define superficiality. Here goes.

There's this guy I know who's a sort of a faux-hipster. He dresses all inde-rock and listens to some of the music, but really he's all about the scene. Anyways, we were going to hang out at this place (of which I constantly make mention) called Gourmands. Best coffee in Chicago, great aptmosphere, great people. He gets in there, and despite my promises of good coffee, despite everything, he ducked out as soon as he could make an excuse. Not that he was busy... I guess that the paint didn't go with his shirt or something. In any case, as I left I saw him leaving a Starbucks. That is superficiality. To screw yourself out of good times because you think its below you.

And that does it for now. I've actually started writing the piece that Alice suggested to me, but I'm not done yet. Also, I'll probably post it in Writings of the Wombat.

Peace for now.

I'm so horny
That's okay, my will is good


  1. I'm glad you're out and about doing what you should be doing.

    I prefer the good coffee and the real hipsters....aka me and I am sure you.

    Enjoy and do start the writing, which is how I ended up reading you in the beginning.

  2. happy centBLOGial! i hope for you only grand stage presence amidst the reflective "pretentious fuckwads".. thanks for still be around, Patty.

    btw, do you ever find yourself practicing your autograph and quick-and-easy-yet-genuine ways to let every fan feel special? you know, thinking ahead?

    modesty aside, of course.