Works Every Time

There is a supernatural healing quality to improv. If you can bring yourself to perform in it, it doesn't matter how awful you felt coming in, you'll leave with a smile. Such has at the very least always been true for me. Every Tuesday back at BC High there was and improv class after school, and no matter how shitty my day had been, I left feeling like a million bucks. Today, my improv comes in larger doses, and more often, which is excellent. Tuesdays and Thursdays have never been more worth waking up for... they always make me feel great, because for me there is little better than hearing others laugh knowing you caused it. Today especially.

I woke up without having completed my Fiction Writing assignment, and moreover feeling like absolute crap in regards to lots of things and running late for my class, which just so happened to be improv. It also just so happened to be feedback day, where we go around the circle for each classmate and say great things about everyone. I was completely taken aback by some of the things said about me, like being called a master of referential humor, or just the overall sentiment that I'm crazy and imaginitive, and play at the top of my intelligence. These are great things to hear, and were in fact just what I needed. It should also be said that they were also totally unexpected. There was also some criticism, for instance that I tend to go over people's heads, including the people I'm working with, and sometimes check in on the audience to see if they're following along, but the overall feedback was positive. Then we played a quick improv game that my team owned at, so by the end it was all smiles.

So I stepped out with a half an hour to go before my next class started, and walking down in the street in the sunlight, it became totally obvious that the thing to do was to just say screw it and skip my Fic Writing class; it's too goddamned nice out to stay inside. So I just stopped into my apartment to drop off some things and now I'm going outside. Later!


  1. Woohooo! Yay Patrick! We all know you're brilliant, I'm glad the people in your class let you know they think so too.

    I love improv, too. Well, watching it anyway. This summer I'm hoping to be able to go to the Comedy Store in London to see Paul Merton and the rest of the group live. They've been my heroes since I saw "Whose Line Is It Anyway" for the first time when I was 11 or so.

  2. Thanks a bunch

    If you're into improv, you should come to Chicago some time. There's tons of it here, including Second City, which is the standard, as well as a huge jumping-off point for sketch comedy

  3. nothing saves the day better than a good laugh. that's why i come here and check you out every chance i get =)

  4. *blushes* Thanks, I try.