On an Unrelated Note...

Just got through watching the first few episodes of the new Doctor Who series. Once again, this may be difficult for anyone (such as me) who resides within the States, but I would fully recommend it. Steven Moffat, the creator of Coupling, is in on the writing and it shows. There's some excellent humor there, even though the series isn't really a comedy, and it doesn't break the mood.

Funny thing. I bought a pair of dark-ish sunglasses today. As I'm walking back to my apartment, I notice two girls, also wearing sunglasses, walking in the opposite direction. I checked them out a little more thorughly than I would have sans glasses, because that's what you do if you're a guy and no one knows you're looking. As I passed I could have sworn I heard one of them say the word "glasses" and the other say the phrase, "I bet he's doing the same thing." Probably just a coincidence, but it made me smile. Funny thing, life.

Also, those of you who have been reading for a while may remember that I mentioned writing a play, and that I said that once I had three scenes in some presentable form I'd start a second blog exclusively for my written work. Well, I got sidetracked, but I'm almost done with the third scene. When it's done I'll post the three scenes, as well as a few short stories, and furthermore I'll add to it whenever I've written anything worth posting. In fact, there's every chance that I'll have it for you next time I post


  1. I bet it wasnt just coincidence, girls have a thing for tall guys.

  2. I seem to remember looking less than my best at the time, but I'll take your word for it

  3. It's weird like that sometimes - you feel like you're looking like shit, but that's when everyone starts fawning over you. Maybe it's psychotic pheremones or something. Er... I dunno. My brain isn't working this evening...

  4. Eh. Its all a matter of taste. Who knows, maybe you're hot as hell when you think you're looking awful.

    The eye sees not itself except by some other means, by reflection

  5. I can't say that I've ever had everyone fawning over me... Maybe having a smooooooth DJ voice might be my ticket-to-love? Or maybe one of those new Mustangs might work for me.

    I'm sure that being so geeky that I currently have two servers sitting in my bedroom doesn't help the 'cool babe magnet' factor. *grin* Now, where did I put my propellerhead hat?

  6. Steve - You've got a fantastic voice, and there is a large, if relatively hidden, market out there for geeks... Beaky seeks geeks like they're going out of style (which is perhaps the wrong simile). I had a 6 year crush on Anthony Edwards (*sigh* Revenge of the Nerds...).

    Pretty boys are nice and all, but rarely very interesting (which isn't to say they're ALL dull, just mostly). Geeks at least generally have something worthwhile going on inside their heads. And they're not as afraid to be uncool so they get sillier which is lovely.

    Also, for the record when I say "everyone," in my life that means middle-aged alcoholics in a muslim country far, far away from their wives.

  7. There's a rule I've had for myself ever since I realized that I was, no further investigation necessary, a geek. And that is, "Be proud"

    Einstein was a geek. Hawking is a geek Shakespeare was a geek. Ben Franklin was a complete and total geek. Its a proud tradition. The trick is to make it something that attracts, not repels, and that is the lesson I've been learning ever since high school. Now I introduce myself as a geek, and its liberating as hell.

    and SuperKate, I think what you meant was "like they're going extinct?"

  8. there is something cute about geeks...

    Steve- especially a geek with a new mustag.... sigh.

  9. you guys are the dopest geekasauruses i know =).. and i know lots! i, myself, take pride in geeky grandeur.

    as for the play, i really want to read it already. no pressure. just HURRY UP =P

    oh. and the sunglasses thing? were you wearing your trenchcoat at the same time, looking like a 6+ foot NEO??

    you're such a sex symbol. *bite*

  10. Are you gonna watch the Fetterline Brit reality show when it comes on?

  11. Sammy, Dylann; It is the kind words of girls like you that helps allow incurable geeks like myself and Steve to have pride.

    Dylann: I'll get on with it. I'm not sure what your reactions will be to the third scene... it kinda goes blue. Also, I wasn't at that very same time wearing the trench, but the next day I was rockin it with coat and glasses. I didn't look like Neo per se because my shades are aviators, but I thought it was pretty freakin badass

    Candi: I didn't know that there was going to be one. I might check it out, but there are a lot of things I want to look into first, and I don't actually get BBC America. I download the shows via bittorrent. I wasn't aware that Britain had reality shows, and in fact I'm not much a fan, but who knows, I might check it out.

  12. How can you think you wouldnt be atractive in Aviators?! I LOVE Aviators!

  13. the aviators are not the issue. the aviators are badass. its the everything else that I didn't know about, but who knows...