The Gauntlet: Surly Aftermath

If you're reading this, you've likely seen mine. If you haven't, scroll down a couple. Random Man was the first to respond, and as he's got plenty of time on his hands he intends to do more. I was next, followed about an hour later by the Lord Deng Ai, who posted more than one response as well. Then came Steve, whose post reminded me once again of an unforgivable crime against nature. Dylann took a Wodehouse quote I fed her and turned it into a work of perversion. Good job, that. The20KhzLegend was next. He says he awaits the next gauntlet. My reply is that I think it would be cool for someone else to throw down. Sammy then posted hers, though she didn't get many prompts (something I should have emphasized in the begginning... the necessity of prompting others in the contest.)

Still waiting on Gino. SuperKate is holding a poll to decide whose prompts to use (closes on Sunday-- vote for me!) Candi will (or so she says) be posting hers today.

Did I forget to mention anyone? Oh yeah... now that Candi has entered some of the Fuckerville Bloggers (other than the two of us) might join in.

I myself may use the stockpile of sentance pairs in my comments section in future cases of blogger's block. Don't know that I'll limit myelf to 100 words each time, but I certainly won't go over 300 for any of them I don't think. the point is for it to be short.

Possibly more later tonight.


  1. OK It's, done I wrote it :@)

  2. oh, i never told you?

    Perversion's my middle name, baby! that was so much fun! we should do it again =)

  3. I will throw then, when I see fit, with my own special adjustments, and insanity, of course, will be a great factor in this process, ey Desmond?