Well rested... well, rested anyway

My streak ended at 42 hours, the last couple of which I spent chatting with Dylann(hope you feel better)

Not a record, as Mark suggested (thanks for the kind words on your site.), but neither is it an experience I'll soon repeat.

I've not much to say, other than that the blogger comment thing is getting annoying. I'm going to spend an entire blog session commenting as soon as it comes back on.

The Star Wars Episode 3 trailer aired last night, and I missed it. To the web!

I listened to Frances the Mute again today. Even better the second time.

Once again, Friday consists of a trip to the improv, but this time with a good freind from high school.

Perhaps there will be more posting after midnight.

Oh yeah, the court case about bloggers? final decision turned in Apple won the case
Obviously going to be appealed. Also, this sucks, but I've already given enough reasons why. However, this development has led me to wonder if I shouldn't make a new blog on which I do the journalism thing. I'd ask for opinions, but as has been mentioned, comments are dead.

Wombat out.


  1. i feel kind of bad for keeping you up so late, but it was fun!! =) at least it was for me.. you ended up falling asleep. hmmm. jk..

    you know what? i STILL haven't slept. i think i'm about to break your record -- you're insomnia is contagious, damnit.

    i have a Writers' Guild meeting tonight at a 24hr Starbucks. i'm going to mention YOU. *evil grin*.

    mmkay, gotta go and write .. have fun at the improv!! and, *thanks*.. for everything.

  2. I'm glad you got some sleep. I was frustrated by the comment breakdown as well. Now I have finished my essay and am thinking about getting some sleep...no insomnia marathon for me.

  3. Ahhh sleep. 'Tis a wonderful thing.

    I'm two weeks into the first two subjects of a BA (Internet Studies). Since I only moved house a couple of weeks ago I haven't really been doing too much homework. So I've been in catchup mode today. Still some more to do but I'm getting there. No way am I gonna allow myself to fall behind... in all my previous study experiences, I've had a desperate rush to get everything done at the last minute. Not fun.

    So hopefully I'll be able to avoid the sleep deprivation thing this time round (apart from occasional graveyard shift on DJing on the radio, spinnin' the tunes).

  4. Dylann, You didn't keep me up. I chose to stay up, because I wanted to keep talking to you.

    Saije, the most frustrating thing about the comment problem is I thought of dozens of comments for just each of the blogs I frequent (other than steve's, but that was because his post was about the lack of comments, and all I could think to say was "yeah..."

    See, for me, if I'm writing anything narratively, or in a similar manner, the frustration involved makes for some good style. But marathon insomnia is not for everyone.

    Damn, I wish I could hear you spin, Steve.

    well, I'm going to breifly scour the net for interesting things and see if there's anything worth rambling about

  5. Well you're in luck then Wombat! I DJ on 3RRR and they stream in RealMedia format. I'll be on from 2AM to 6AM on Saturday night next week. According to timeanddate.com, that converts to 9AM Saturday morning, Chicago time.

    I'll be doing a post on my blog about coming air dates (one this month, and two in April, all Saturday nights).

  6. Rock on!! It looks like I've got a reason to get realplayer now