Another rant on tech possibilities

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Been awake for 33 hours and still going!

I just got a Gmail account. The first thing I noticed is that it's in every way better than a Hotmail account.

I love you, Google. I love your search engine. I love Google News, and Froogle. I love your E-mail service. I love this, your weblog service. I love the Google advertising concept, that ads need not be annoying or intrusive, but can sometimes be useful. It's based on the wholly life-affirming principle that there are ways for everyone to get what they want.

You know that, Google. And I think I know what you want: more control of internet communications and information trafficing.

Here's what I want.

I want you to make a better Instant Messanger than AOL could dream of. You know you can.

I want you to partner/merge with Mozilla, and thus fuse the best browser out there(PC wise anyways) with the rest of your sterling services

I also want you to take over Skype before Microsoft does

I want you to take all of this, and make it work together, and thus make the internet about 300 times better.



  1. I'm not much of a techie, but I do know this. You need to get some sleep! Not to play mom or anything but get some sleep!

  2. wow... you must be really dissapointed in me then... I went back to the coffee shop right after that.

    It just turns out I was a masochist is all. I went there to see a couple of friends perfom the open mike. I didn't have to get coffee... but... yeah.

    I'm not wired anymore, so I'll be able to get some sleep soon

    thanks for caring though :)

  3. It's one big happy family of bloggers. :)