Of Inconsistancies

There is a reason why an "Open mike" anything is usually either free or cheap. The entertainment value is determined entirely by who shows up.

Seeing only a few people at an open mike improv is not cool. There were some laughs, but a good deal of my creativity at improv is inspired by my surroundings

The Episode 3 trailer is phenominal. There are more reasons that May is going to be awesome than I can hold in my consciousness at one time

So, comments are back up.

Saije is doing a sort of behind-the-scenes piece on her experiences and methods in the blogosphere. Excellent read, despite our ideological differences. I think I'm going to borrow the term she coined, if I can find a use for it.

I think it would be cool if our bloggin' crew (you know who you are) all wrote something of a "How I Blog" nature. It could make us all better at our blogs, and moreover would be good reading. So, unless this is merely a four-in-the-morning idea, the next post I make may be a guided tour in my thought process. However, such will not be posted here now. I am still in sleep catch-up mode, and I want to bring my A-game when I do this.

my bed calls... it misses me.


  1. What sort of hour of the night do you call this, young man? Hmm? *taps foot on floor* :)

  2. so i take it the improv was mediocre? i'm hoping you got on stage this time.

    confession: i haven't seen Episode ONE nor TWO.. *head down*.. you can spank me if you want-- i mean.. what? who?

    nonetheless, i agree that May will be awesome. i'll be in Chicago!.. hopefully, around the same time as your *BIRTHDAY*. i'm already counting down the days -- well not really. i'm lying. the two-month mark is next week, and since i can't count past sixty without getting cross-eyed, i want to start then.. scout's honor =) *salute* and..

    good night!

  3. what happened to your blog? I feel like I'm at the eye doctor.

  4. yeah, I need to figure out the color codes. I didn't like the way the purple links looked...

  5. No, it's huge white letters, one and a half spaced on a black background, so only about 8-10 lines of script is on the screen. Is this what you were shooting for?

  6. huh? Thats not what happens when I veiw it... but Dylann said the same thing. Hmm... what browser are you using?

  7. oh, God, don't ask me tech questions. This is a Dell, I think it must be Internet Explorer? let me try emailing it to you.