Just in case

Sometimes I let myself believe that other people read this. In any case, if anyone is reading this, and if they happen to be in Chicago, let this be said

Cafe Gourmand is a fucking great place.

Easily the best drip I've ever had, and incredibly well-pulled espresso. Good food also. a bit vegetarian-leaning for my tastes, but whatever.

also, it is at least twenty times better for writing than my dorm. There's just something about the aptmosphere, as well as their phenominal brew, and also the sorts of people that frequent it, that make creative juices flow like fucking Niagra Falls.

I've been writing a play there. I think it has winning chances of turning out well. Here's a line from it.

You take each drop of rain that falls on your head as a personal insult.

I think I'ma go back there right now.


  1. I've never been to Cafe Gourmand but will keep it in mind for my next trip to Chicago...and I like the line except I might change "take" to "feel"

  2. Sweet! I have an audience!

    As for the line, I've gone through a bunch of tiny rephrasings... I'll take that one under advisement.

    "you feel that every drop of rain that falls on your head is a personal insult"

    Hmm... thanks. That removes a small vestige of awkwardness that I'd been trying to shake.

  3. take out the first "that" maybe? ok, enough editing...and I don't even know what the play is about.

  4. Makes sense. I don't really think one needs context when looking at that specific line, but if you're at all interested, its in a scene where a man and a woman are going through a break-up and the woman comes to the man's apartment to get her spare key back. He's reluctant, and going through more than a bit of a self-pity trip and she accuses him (and rightfully so) of having a victim complex.

    As for the rest of the play, I really didn't plan out a plot for this one. For now I'm just letting it go where it will. I'll probably structure it after the fact.

  5. So I guess the rest of the play would have to be resolving the question of does he or does he not stay a victim (doing crazy things to get her back and ultimately giving up on himself totally, which could make this a tragic-comedy kind of thing) or does he move beyond this and find out he's better without her, finds someone else, etc. (more of a romantic comedy)unless you intend some really dark thing to happen here, purely tragic I mean. I want to know more so keep writing.

  6. Thanks for taking interest.

    Yeah, that's pretty much what I've figured.

    I have something of a penchant for dark/tragic comedy, so there's a good chance that I might go in that direction, but who knows. I've been pretty much writing it a few lines at a time, and deciding where it would go based on how my loose concept of each character would react.

  7. I like the line too! I'm interested in seeing where you'll go with this. Perhaps later on down the track, when you've written some more, you could post some on your blog?

  8. Sure thing. Come to think of it, I may just create another blog for writing projects of mine. I've got a number of them floating around at various levels of development ranging from one or two sentances describing a concept to actually having signifigant portions of the writing done. I'll post once I've got maybe three scenes done to the point where they're presentable.