Its been 3 days? damn...

So I've been kinda wrapped up in my writing (or rather my not writing, which any writers will agree is something that one spends much more time doing as they sit at the keyboard during the time they set aside as "writing time"

I also have a serious not drinking problem. I stayed up watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network Saturday instead of going to a party hosted by a freind from my improv class. Then I was on IM with my freinds, most of whom were innebreated and two of whom were barely coherent. Adult Swim was good, though. I can't get enough of Full Metal Alchemist or Stand Alone Complex. Robot Chicken is pretty badass as well.

Anyways... I've a couple of things to touch on

I find this article to be interesting, but not surprising. I said things when I was young too. It happens. I've since realized that present me can't and shouldn't speak for future me. Now all I need to do is find a way to get the people who issued my student loans to see it that way.

Have you all heard of Jack T Chick?

He's the guy who writes those Evangelist-themed comic tracts that Neo-Puritains give to trick-or treaters on Halloween, slide under your door, and occasionally hand out at the subway.

Wednesday White of Websnark (oohh alliteration) made some good points about his work.

Personally, I'm mixed.

Clearly, this guy is an asshole. The fact that he thinks he's righteous just means that he's a fucking stupid asshole. His tracts range from being merely misguided and/or paranoid, to hateful, and perhaps even evil (though to him thats a word whose shoe is on the other foot)

He in one tract blamed the Jesuits for both Communism and the Holocaust, and in another, more widely known one, claimed that Dungeons and Dragons is a training ground for Satanic cults. (Total bullshit by the way. Everyone knows that you need to be level 20 before you learn to cast any real spells. I've been at this for a while and I still can't summon a demon =p)

Most of them make me literally roll over laughing, but there are a few that just chill me, because if you're like me you read them, and you think There's a reason why these comics get around so much. There are actually people who believe this shit handing them out. My first instinct is to gas them, but then the whole "strong belief in freedom of speech" thing kicks in.

Sometimes I envy nihilists. Ethos can be a bitch sometimes


  1. The Late Show With John Steward did a great story on the sexaul health programs we have got going for the young adults in this country a while back.... I love John Stewart.

  2. I just realized that we both had the same Subject "Cricket Noises" a couple days ago.... do I steal that from you?! If I did I am soooo sorry!

  3. What could be wrong with a little healthy plagiarism between bloggers?

  4. Cricket noise is hardly an original title. I was going to comment, but I couldn't think of anything witty to say about the coincidence. It's weird though, because that usually doesn't stop me...

  5. i'm not diggin the Chick's comics, either, but apparently they appeal to large masses.. even the ones who don't like them. i guess it says something about a writer when even their detractors keep coming back for more..

    the blogosphere has been pretty serene lately. i'm going through withdrawal =\

  6. I agree. Maybe I'll try and mix it up with something wicked. Or something so incredibly dull that you'll never want to speak to me again. Not even the very wise can see all ends.