Here We Go Again

The phone will ring again
I'll take her back again.... *cough* Excuse me, got caught up in a lyric. It happens,

CBS has been doing a series of online interviews regarding violence in videogames.

Here's my take on this. Japan is where its at games-wise. Teenagers there play by far more games than those here. And yet (when population-adjusted) violence amongst teens is signifigantly lower.

It's all about the fourth wall. The separation between fantasy and reality. If you can't make the distinction, then there's something seriously wrong with you, and I'm not going to suffer censorship on your behalf when you shouldn't be playing the games in the first place.

There's allways going to be entertainment that depicts actions that we don't want kids emulating. Its a simple matter of supervision. Parent's groups mostly seem to gather in order to pass the buck in this case.

In other news, I've figured out how to do all of the preaching bits as this character (see below) I just need to take the preaching voice and mold it into one that the preacher would use to solicit sex from a starving single mother of five. That's the hard part.


  1. i agree. I don't think censorship is the answer. The level of violence depicted in games is equal to the level of violence shown on TV and cinema screens every day. The most important factor is responsible parenting.

  2. i agree. there's something wrong if people can no longer differentiate between fiction and non. i saw it again this morning when my mother started saying things about the Da Vinci Code. i mean, as far as i know, the book by Dan Brown is fiction. now suddenly people are reading it as fact. it really does make one wonder...

    ... when will people start watching Star Wars as documentaries instead of just a good movie.

  3. Well, from what I heard, Dan Brown says that the whole conspiracy thing is true. I haven't read it myself... I might make it next on my list though.

  4. Da Vinci Code is AMAZING! just thinking back on it gives me goosebumps. there's a new version of the book with illustrations [paintings, etc] that i REALLY want, but it's $60.00... argh.

    about the video games.. i LOVE video games! i grew up with two brothers who still, to this day, are addicted to games.. namely, HALO. truth is, it's simple to differentiate reality and fantasy. even when i was a little girl, i knew that stuff wasn't real.. cmon now. everyone's right: it's in the hands of the parents. thank God my mommy was the SHIT.

  5. damn... you play Halo too? damn thats hot.

  6. Anonymous5:33 PM

    i like egg