*crosses fingers*

the Americain filmgoing public has been introduced to two Ben Afflecks. Sadly, the only one that people remember is the Ben Affleck who was in Gigli; who caused Jersey Girl, which was actually a decent film, to flop because he convinced Kevin Smith to cast J-Lo as his desceased wife.

The one forgotten is the one who performed admirably in Mallrats and Chasing Amy; who wrote Good Will Hunting, which is a fucking amazing film, and played a smallish role, but played it fucking perfectly.

The question is, which Ben Affleck will we see next?

Who cares? Well... me. Let me qualify this. Affleck is, like me, a Bostonian, and a tall man who writes and acts. He has had great success in both. As for me... we'll just see. The point is I have to believe that he can turn himself around to even think for a second that I can make a living on stage or screen.

The other reason I care is this, his recent announcement that he'll be directing Gone, Baby, Gone

Dennis Lehane, who wrote the original novel, which I love and would reccomend to anyone, is also from Boston, but there's more. He graduated from the same high school as me; was taught English by the Jesuit who baptized me and married my parents. He's the link that puts me four degrees from Kevin Bacon (who played a role in Mystic River, another Lehane book)

I hope we see the former, brilliant Affleck, because this could be an excellent movie.

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  1. that's WONDER-IFFIC!!! i completely agree with the two Bens idea. let's hope for the "better BEN" back.. ha! alliteration! i know you like that.