foiled again

gah... I hate it when I tell myself I'm going to stay up late writing and then end up doing jack. Well, I guess I'll have to do it tommorrow morning.

I was so caught up in the article below that I forgot to mention the sheer awesome that was today's playwriting class. First, we each read our half of a conversation we had written down earlier (mine was one I had with a high school friend in which we discussed the practical aspects of archvillainry) We watched Streetcar Named Desire, and the teacher gave out popcorn! And put M&Ms in the popcorn! it was surreal. It made me feel like a kid, in a good way (at 18 I still need to add that qualifier)
I half-danced back to my apartment in my trenchcoat with my long hair let out in the wind singing Mack the Knife. Yeah, I'm weird. Then again, I shouldn't need to tell you that. Well, off to bed, to get 4 hours of sleep, wake up, knock some caffeine into me, and write up a storm. See youse on the flip side.

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  1. popcorn WITH M&MS? i'm so jealous. your classes seem like so much fun.. i wanna go back to school!