wasted effort

So I got up at 8. I grabbed the necessary implements to write, and headed out to the lounge at the theater building. The place was uncharacteristicly unchill. Gourmands was closed. The lounge in my building was filled with idiots. I went back to my apartment, bit down, and finished just in the knick of time. I run to my classroom to find class cancelled.


calmed down.

Went back. tried to nap. Couldn't at first, did some blurfing. Finally got some shuteye, only to be woken up not to long ago by a screech emitted from my clock radio. So I'm up. I'm not thrilled about that, but my guess is I don't have much say in it. I have no energy, so it looks like my plans to work on my indeterminate-length story tonight while listening to the Mars Volta (throws up the horns) are fucked. I might do another post though. I'm in the mood for something bizarre, so we'll see.


  1. "when you can't think of anything to write... read." i had severe writer's block this week and ended up buying BOOKS =P

    don't you just love cramming the night before class only to have the class CANCELLED the next day? personally, i LOVE last-minute pressure.. i work better under those circumstances. and then, when class is cancelled, i can just SLEEP and be a vegetable for a WHOLE day!

    QEUSTION: what is blurfing? *scratches head*

  2. Yeah, I should catch up on my reading. "blurfing" is a word that may have been invented by either Steve or Saije... its a combination of the words blog and surfing. Its kinda funny, because blog itself is a compression of the word weblog... or at least I think its funny.

    See, for me, there is nothing more satisfying than an all-nighter that culminates in the succesful completion of good work. When that happens to me, I'm floating on a cloud for the rest of the day, and nothing can go wrong. Unless I find out that my toil was all for naught. Then I lose it.

  3. I believe Saije can take credit for introducing the word blurfing to us.