This is a test of the Emergency Come Up With Ways To Make Sure I Post More System

One of the great things about Ubuntu is its willingness to embed just about anything into its UI. I'm now Twittering through Twitux, an ap that cuts out the middleman and puts the Twitter timeline in a neat little window that hides itself conveniently when it's not needed, but updates automatically every three minutes or whenever you hit F5

It looks like this

As you can see I'm also experimenting with a tool that lets me post to Blogger from a lightweight local application. Seems to be adequate for text-only, but I'll need something different to make photos work.

But I'm twittering again. I'll put a dongle on my template when and if I can manage to find one that doesn't break it.

Until then, feel free to follow me here. I'll be more active now as I now have a means of tweeting that doesn't frustrate the hell out of me.


  1. OMG another post in such a short time. I almost missed it in my reader I'm so used to it not being there.

    Eh, I finally decided to use twitter once in awhile because I keep getting emails for people following me. I really can't figure a great reason to use it but I like the little bird.

    The OS looks good,glad it's working for you.

  2. I decided to use it because a bunch of my other internet friends are using it and also I can follow people like Wil Wheaton, Warren Ellis, and Rachel Maddow on it.

    Even Karl freaking Rove twitters. I don't think I can bring myself to follow him, even if it means I get to yell at Karl Rove over the internet.