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Let's talk about eyeglasses.

No, I don't need them. Still 20/20 over here. Though then again, many people who wear them don't need them. Sometimes the same function can be performed by contact lenses, with no needed change in appearance. Sometimes people who have 20/20 vision wear glasses with no prescription.

At some point eyewear became something beyond correcting an anatomical defect.

Can the same thing be said of other such aids? Yes, and it has. Given, I doubt many people are wearing these just for the fashion of it.

But that's all fairly minor in terms of alteration. The design is still the same. This, on the other hand, is designed to be fucking awesome.

From Medgadget via Grinding,be

Now, this hasn't been actually fabricated yet, but I, for one, absolutely welcome this. I'm imagining customizable prosthetic arm skins similar to what we have now for laptops and cell phones. Maybe even entire different plastic hulls for the mechanical apparatus that come in different shapes and sizes.

If you've already been limited by the amputation of an arm, why further limit yourself in your choice of prosthesis? Why not make a fashion statement? Use something that will maybe give other people a brief bout of buyer's remorse about that ordinary-looking, fleshy thing hanging off of their shoulder?

Well, for one thing, it makes you a freak.

This is, as I'm sometimes reminded, an issue for some people. I don't quite understand it.

Also from grinding.be: Something entirely less awesome.

China has been carrying out executions by lethal injection through the use of high tech DYSTOPIAN CAPITAL PUNISHMENT BUSSES THAT CAN TOTALLY BE USED TO FUCKING HARVEST ORGANS FOR SALE ON THE BLACK MARKET




The country that might have executed as many as 8,000 prisoners last year just gave the process an express lane and a profit margin.



  1. I hear Thailand does that as well.

  2. Turns out China's been doing it for two years. All I can think of is Soylent Green.