Getting Back into the Game

I've taken a sort of leave of absence from this space (as opposed to previous gaps where I was just too lazy to transfer any of my ideas into written form) due to the fact that my wrists were screaming at me every time I began to type at any kind of length.

No, I still don't have health insurance.

Yes, I realize that that's pretty dumb of me.

It also meant that playing the guitar was right out.

Long story short, I've been getting rusty in two of the areas I most wish to improve myself. It's pretty much sucked. Especially since I'm currently stuck in the early stages of a stage musical project because apparently I forgot how to flesh out a damn plot structure.

I'm not saying any more at the moment because

(a) waiting until I have it on its feet to talk about it gives me an incentive to get it done faster

(b) someone with better resources than me could very easily take the rug out from under me on this. The songs I want to use will very soon be public domain.

I will say this. If it goes up, the musical accompaniment will be a guitar, bass, and drums, with possible additions on a per song basis.

It pisses me off knowing that as of this writing, I wouldn't have the chops to play the guitar parts.

Which was especially awkward when this happened.

I have to say that as a(n alleged) performer of multiple stripes, being congratulated when you know that you sucked ass is one of the more embarrasing things that can happen after a performance.

I made it through about half of the solo in Sunshine of Your Love before getting Andrew to wail on the drums to cover for my incompetence.

But I'm playing again. And as of now, I'm writing again--here and elsewhere. And I've put an end to a few rather annoying slumps.

And there will be more to speak of soon.

These are Good Things.


  1. I'm happy to see you are still alive and kicking there wombat.

  2. just keep on playing, dearest.