Looks like we're well into damn fool season

Bullshit abounds this week. This, of course, is the headliner.

Apparently all of this saber-rattling with Iran has Putin remembering the old days and just how much fun brinkmanship is. (1963 called, etc).


McCain either misled the public about the timeline regarding the Sunni Awakening and the Surge or forgot the details:

This coming on a news day peppered with McCain people bemoaning a supposed pro-Obama media.

Obama hasn't touched this, but nonetheless McCain shot back against the likes of Olbermann and the Huffington post.

And today McCain credits Bush's rescinding of an executive order banning offshore drilling with a sharp drop in crude prices. Let alone that even once a program goes into effect it'll be about years before it starts paying any dividends; Republicans in Congress have been blocking measures that would pressure oil companies into drilling where they're already allowed to drill.

And his first campaign ad? Blames Obama for high gas prices based on his rejection of offshore drilling despite the fact that McCain's support for drilling is extremely recent.

Obama in '08: Not a damn fool.

UPDATE: McCain claims he never misstated; says that the surge and the Sunni Awakening are the same thing.

This is just flat out fucking Calvinball.


  1. Shall we let fools reign? I hope not.

    Yeah you actually posted something.

  2. I'm scared McCain is going to get sympathy votes from people as out of touch and non reality based as he is, and from people who think Obama is too elegant and classy--and half the Hil lovers

  3. And yet, I still see "straight talker" and "maverick" used in the media without quotation marks....I guess because he's the only conservative who's been civil with people to the left of Mussolini in the past decade...still, it makes me wanna tune out the news until the election, just tell friends to call me if there's a nuclear attack or something...ugh.