I was woken up today by a PA system blaring across the street. Some "family friendly" singer singing songs that may even be too lame for the current incarnation of Sesame Street. I maintain that branding thoughtless entertainers as the purveyors "kid's music" is a significant part of the reason why the kids are so damn stupid. Raffi was by no means the first or worst offender, but he opened some doors that should have stayed nailed shut.

As I awoke, I thought, in my haze, that I'd heard someone mention over the PA that Dick Gephardt was there. I stumbled out of bed, pulled on some shoes and pants, and walked across the street hoping to ask him if he was going to be Vice President. At some point as I entered the park the woman singing insipidly wholesome songs stepped down and over the loudspeaker blared:

Soulja Boy Off In This Ho
Watch Me Crank It
Watch Me Roll
Watch Me Crank Dat Soulja Boy
Then Super Man Dat Ho
Now Watch Me YUUUAH

It never ceases to amaze me the extent to which grown men and women will spin that song to try and seem hip, totally oblivious to its connotations. Yes, the artist denies them, but the idea that anyone assuming a song about doing anything to a "ho" is sexual in nature is reaching is pretty dumb. Though Will Smith did similarly get away with "Gettin' Jiggy With It." This song is the only negative part of going to see a Celtics game.

So. The Fourth of July.

It's hard to find patriotism these days that doesn't ring hollow. Especially in an election year when you have a candidate being berated for not always wearing a fucking flag on his lapel.

Especially in the last year of a presidency that's made political hay maligning those of differing ideology for a supposed lack of patriotism. Whose loudest support came from the sorts of fucking yahoos who'd prop up a full size American Flags in the back of their pickup trucks and drive 70 miles per hour down the highway, tearing said flags to shreds in the wind. Talk about your unintended symbolism.

In any case, there is one thing I can post here that has never rung hollow.

Up until Ray sang it like that, no one realized that they were doing it wrong

And then there's that which needs no introduction (Making this sentence utterly superfluous)

Fuck yes.

Happy Fourth everyone


  1. Excellent choices wombat.

    Rainy as shit here
    making the fireworks a damp venue, but as we watched them from my rooftop it wasn't so bad.

    Happy 4TH.

  2. Wonderful choices--bet myself the second would be Jimi

  3. That bloody soulja boy song! My thirteen year old nephew was singing it and totally didn't understand why it offended me so much. I'm sick to my back teeth of "bitches" and "hos" being talked about in rap music.

    It's so 1999.