Today, of course, is Memorial Day.

It's also fourth anniversary of the New York Times' published apology for its lack of journalistic dillegence in the leadup to the Iraq war.

And the seventieth anniversary of the convening of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Three things to be mindful of.

The courage shown abroad by our men and women in uniform ought to be repaid by courage here at home by the people in whose name they were sent to fight. Even if faced with slander, loss of livelihood due to blacklisting, or worse.

Today we remember the fallen. There have been over a million of them, and over four thousand in this current engagement. It is our duty as Americans to honor their loss by ensuring that our soldiers are never again sent into harm's way if it isn't absolutely necessary.


  1. here, here

    We agree. ;)

    Here's to hoping Olberman goes off as vehemently on Liz Trotta as he did on Clinton.

  2. He cut her some slack because she came out with a far more substantial apology before he went on air.

    Still, she was featured in worst persons.