I think the time has come...

To pour a forty on the curb, or whatever gesture suits you, for the Hillary Clinton we used to know. She was always a polarizing figure, but there was a time where her public life was, well, admirable. Her actions as First Lady may well have made the path to election easier for any woman seeking any office, let alone her own presidential race.

This began to decay when she moved to New York just in time to qualify for the Senate race. We gave her the benefit of the doubt for carpetbagging. After all, there was the palpable feeling that we were all in some manner her constituents.

We gave her the benefit of the doubt when she voted for the war. The extent of the information available to her at the time wasn't common knowledge, and the information at our disposal was even less so. Even those who were strongly against the war at the time could understand why someone would be for it.

I'll admit that I didn't give her the benefit of the doubt when she teamed up with Joe Lieberman to sponsor that FEPA bullshit. But in my defense, censorship is fucking treason.

Then this '08 campaign business started. I'm not going to recount it because I'm fucking sick of it. I thought she'd reached the bottom when she said she was pressing on so that the voices of the people might be heard at a time where her only conceivable path to nomination flew in the face of those very voters' will.

And then this

The implication is hideous. Especially given that the death threats for Barrack Obama have come early and often, and many of us, even those not in his camp, have had fears of history repeating itself. Especially given that many have compared him to Robert. Especially given that Robert's brother was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor just days ago.

And this isn't a one time misstatement. It's appeared several times in print already.

I have a habit of letting Keith Olbermann speak for me in times like this. It's an easy fallback, but if I were behind a desk at MSNBC I'd be saying the same thing.

Take it away, Keith.

A toast to the Hillary Clinton we once knew. Maybe one day we'll see her again.


  1. I think this is one of those rare times I disagree with you. time i disagree with you. I don't think she was evoking anything just showing how blatantly selfish she is - her cause the only cause she can see.

    I'm not going to argue, as the web is full of that and frankly it has done no good thus far, and isn't likely to, but I find it strange that Olberman, in his need to get one ups so easily mimics her evocation not one, or two, but several times, in front of a national audience.

    If she didn't evoke assassination he certainly did.

  2. I've been waiting for a long time for his voice of reason to take the air out of the Clinton campaign. All these years we've been fighting by her side against the insane Right, and now she uses their tactics and language and fake appeal.

    And I don't think Olbermann meant that Clinton brought about the possibility of assassination just by talking about it. I think simply the disgust is with her saying she should stay in the race just in case the person she runs against is murdered and the country's soul is destroyed yet again.

    I'm not arguing with Cooper, just saying she's wrong and I'm right.

  3. cooper: Putting the onus on Olbermann for this sounds like something Terry McCauliffe would do.

    Keith is not running for the presidency. He's not trying to prove in his mention of her comments, well, really anything about himself. What he's saying is that we as a nation will never be over the impact that the assassination of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, and to bring it up in that context is fucking unforgivable and a grim look into the mind of the Senator from New York.

    OM: You're right. he never even implied it. Hillary has been a disgrace this year and so has Bill. They'll have a lot of work to do if they want to repair the damage they've done.

  4. i love olbermann. There are so many f'n right wing blowhards, he's very refreshing. I highly recommend youtubing his tongue lashing of Bill O'Reilly over disrespecting WWII soldiers.