Reviews on the quick

I'm Not There

six different actors portraying Dylan, one of them a woman and one of them a black kid? Crazy, right? Yes. But awesome. Cate Blanchette ran away with this one, portraying the freshly plugged-in Dylan, talking back at presumptuous reporters, chilling with Alan Ginsburg, mixing up the medicine, and all that jazz. At first I thought the casting was odd, but god damn. She captured every single last twitch, every ounce of wit. Also solid was Richard Gere as Dylan the outlaw fugitive who went into hiding in 1966, and the 11 year old Marcus Carl Franklin as Dylan in his formative (musical) years; a runaway from Minnesota devoted to Woodie Guthrie.


The odds of this movie happening were extraordinarily slim. It was the screenwriter's first project and it got picked up. Said screenwriter got her break because of her blog about the year she spent as a stripper; The dude who'd become her manager found the site looking for porn and instead found the way he was going to pay his bills this year. A comedy from Hollywood that actually brings the Funny without bringing the Stupid? Holy Shit!

It eschews the preachy after school special teen pregnancy drama in favor of an honest, fucking hilarious narrative. More often than not the entire theater was laughing it's ass off.

Ron Paul

Racist fuckwit, conspiracy theorist, xenophobe, selectively libertarian hack. to quote the KOS, Dude is wack. Grabbing cultlike followers from both sides, too many of whom fail to see just what they're supporting simply because there are many issues where he's speaking the truth hard. The claim, for instance, that this guy didn't know anything about the Report going out in his name and the racist tirades contained within; that a ghostwriter was responsible for all of it and was doing it all behind his back, yielding no editorial control, is nothing short of sheer fucking lunacy. Am I glad he's in the race? Fucks yes. He's got guts out the ass, and he's putting it all out on the line in a way that absolutely no one else is. But I will forever tear a new asshole into those who defend their pet politician with apologetic bullshit on fronts where he's indefensible.

The Bowl of Chili I'm Eating Right Now

Damned tasty. I'll catch you all later


  1. Heh.

    Chili sounds awesome right now.

    Still scared to see I'm Not There, however.

  2. I almost wish I ate meat.

    Haven't seen it but may one day. Not soon of course.

    I am so with you on Ron Paul.

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