wherein the half-assed attempt to explain away my absence is taken as read

I've got a stem between my teeth. I can feel it. See, the doctor told me I had to stop smoking pot, but I gotta tell ya, this ain't working

I love public transportation, even though it seems to hate me. In Massachusetts, there are four kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, statistics, and bus schedules.

I was on the way to a friend's house to play a pretty cool game called 1000 Blank White Cards. Essentially it's a card game where the cards are made up on the fly. Wikipedia, as it is wont to do, elucidates

one of the cards just said "Beer Time!" Though in truth we didn't really need to be told that. That was one fucking well stocked apartment. I emerged from it with scratch marks all over my back.

No Comment.

The evening ended with a long walk, under heavy influence. I was filling my role as designated large, looks-scary-in-the-dark guy. Recommended heavily over those personal alarms. We passed some pubgoers on a smoke break.

Hey you three! Come and make out with the Jew!

This turned our heads, but our legs were very decidedly moving forward. We didn't really get any sort of explanation.

Normally this is where I'd make a quip about news, but as Cooper has said, there just isn't anything worth paying attention to. Three things though

1 Patriots: 16 - 0

2 Celtics: 26 - 3

3 Motherfucker.

A producer from the Daily Show who writes columns in the Boston Metro from time to time said that 2007 was nothing but a 2006 hangover waiting for 2008 to begin, and I have to say I agree. Let's make this year count.

For the first time in ten years I'm addicted to a Mario game. I understand that the people who read here aren't much into all of that, but Super Mario Galaxy is fuck-all of good times. They finally managed to capture what made the originals great in a 3D environment.

Sweeney Todd: Yes.

I came into it with reservations that Tim Burton was just going to be Tim Burton and Danny Elfman was just going to be Danny Elfman and Johnny Depp was just going to be Johnny Depp. But it worked.

Party in about 20 hours. I was invited by one of the people I walked with after the card game, actually. Promises to be a good time, and I beilieve this will be the first time I've gone to a New Year's Eve party that wasn't a family party. Which itself is odd. Actually there was a New Years party with my extended clan earlier today, from 2 to about 8, which was odder still.


Anyways, hope everyone has a good New Year. Let no lives begin or end as the result of consumption tonight.



  1. Happy New Year Patrick.

    You're right , you can't go and die on me now.

  2. Happy New Year dear Patrick... hope it was a blast and yeah, death would kinda put a damper on things FO SHO!

  3. Happy New Year, Patrick. But don't hang your 2008 on the Pats (season blown up by steroid/HGH revelations) or Celtics ("insider trading" forfeits season). Yeah, I'm just waiting for the Faustian bargains to be revealed and embarrass the hell out of Bostonians.

  4. i miss reading you. then i read that line about public transportation and i thought, "damn, i really miss reading you." sarcasm is always better than caffeine. i hope the new year's party was good to you, sweetie.

  5. Happy New Year, my little wombat!!!

    "2007 was nothing but a 2006 hangover waiting for 2008 to begin"

    Well... I disagree on a personal note... I had a little miracle happen to me that made it a very happy year... Carter was born! :) Sappy, I know!

  6. sauerkraut10:09 PM

    I don't miss running after those blessed MBTA busses that hit the bus stops at all times except for those printed on those schedules.

    Nor do I miss the empties tossed from the hands of a sotted drunkard in Southie.

    But damn I am jealous of anyone who's living up in Red Sox Nation, OC be damned. He doesn't even have any snow.

    Nor, for that matter, do I.

  7. cooper: Not planning on it anytime soon. I'll let you know. Happy New Year.

    Miz B: To you as well, amiga.

    OC: AAAH! Shoedrop speculation! Get it off!

    Happy New Year, dude.

    {illyria}: I've missed you as well. glad we could catch up.

    Shayna: Well it's a Daily Show producer so his scope is going to be political. I mean, in my own corner of the world I got to celebrate a World Series, so I'm not complaining, and I certainly wouldn't discount your son.

    Happy New Year, Shayna

  8. I'm about six days late. It was the kind of week where I thought Thursday was Tuesday, told people and they believed me for a hot sec

    I spent most of the week in a C&W frenze--my hyper Myrtle Beach landlords who came into the city, took charge of my life and my renovation

    Hoping that your first New Years party without family was wonderful--they only take about another 20 years to become boring so enjoy all the parties now

    The party I invited you to, but you couldn't get to NY anyway was amazing--like New Years in the middle of December

  9. Happy belated New Year.

    Lol, come make out with the Jew?