Fuck You, Rudy

Rudy Giuliani, you have stepped into the spotlight. And no, saying that you were rooting for the Red Sox while campaigning in Boston does not excuse you. Your latest campaign ad?


A man seeking the highest office in this country is trying to make the claim that the Iran hostage crisis was resolved by the mere presence of a B-list actor turned politician. So what, indeed, does it take to deal with these tyrants, Rudolph?

Let the opposition negotiate with terrorists and then claim victory?
--Jason, the internet's Zenformation Professional
Do not let into office the assholes who rewrite history to suit themselves. Kick them to the fucking curb.

Yeah... I may have been banned from posting responses to Youtube videos put up by the Giuliani campaign...

The GOP primary in general has been wrought of bullshit so far. And on the other side, Hillary is playing the same game. Fuck that noise. Obama ftw.


  1. I saw that yesterday and thought it is the one message he is going to be sorry he "approved". This is the worst one I've seen.

  2. Frank Treese10:38 PM

    Giuliani's a dirtbag. He won't stand a chance.