Yes I'm way late here. I was busy.

Actually on Thanksgiving day itself I wasn't but shh

On Saturday I was at my friend Sarah's house, having a Thanksgiving dinner with a small (in comparison) group of the people who in September attended the xkcd flashmob in Cambridge. 25 people were expected, so some, myself included, went overboard with the cooking. A turducken was roasted, as was an additional turkey. I myself supplied a hell of a lot of mashed potatoes, stuffing (one of three that were made for the event), and a pumpkin cheesecake with a chocolate whiskey sauce. So yeah. A lot of the people were full before I managed to put the gravy together.

As for the gathering itself? Imagine a group of geeks ranging in age from 21 to 27 eating and boozing. Two people from outside the country joined in on webcam. A couple who are friends with the man ultimately responsible for all this craziness came up (and in fact brought the roast with them) from Virginia. They are two of at least half a dozen people who plan to move to the area as a result of what they experienced in September.

Good times.


For the second time, I was called upon to be a creepy whatever in a student film. This time the director seemed to know what he was doing at least. The asshole who covered me hair and all in fake blood made out of grenadine and chocolate sauce that took four showers to remove and never gave me a copy of the finished product had better hope he never sees me again.

Seeing people cringe as the director had me record brain-sucking noises for overdubbing was satisfying.


Saturday marked the last show before Hekseri went on indefinite hiatus, having achieved the pinaccle of their cult popularity on the Massachusetts metal scene. They'd appeared on multiple compilations, including a tribute album to genre founder Venom, and even But alas, their drummer was a douche. I'd missed what was previously going to be their final show. I'd called their bassist, who by what I assure you all is sheer coincidence is my cousin, as they were packing up.

"You didn't miss anything. We sucked."

"Ah shit. What happened?"

"The timing was all fucked. We can't go out like this."

And they didn't. They played a kickass set, including a rendition of Venom's Don't Burn The Witch for which they were assisted by the elderly metal band's former lead guitarist. Excellent.

And as it happened, I met someone there who I'd known in high school. He was there specifically to see my cousin's band play, which I thought was a pretty awesome coincidence.

On a completely unrelated note, I just found out that I still have all of the episodes of Bruce Timm's Batman animated series.

Fuck yes.


  1. pumpkin cheesecake recipe please

    Just want to read it. Really-love your recipes-think they should have their own blog
    Non Rambling recipes of EW

  2. Sounds like you and your crowd had a great "Thanksgiving". That really sucks about the movie not getting a copy.

    Hope you are doing great! If you haven't heard I have a new new blog.

  3. Your Thanksgiving reuniong was small? Dios mio I have much to learn about Thanksgiving!!! What would you say to 8 adults and 5 cakes then? Oy...

    As for the short film, I just shot one and not getting copy would have me livid! Count me in on the threat FO SHO!

    I have missed you so my dear Wombat... truly...

  4. It sounds like fun Wombat.

    The no copy situation is just not right though.

    I'm making your spaghetti this weekend I guess I'm going to have to get the pumpkin cheesecake recipe too.

    Aren't we just the soccer moms trading recipes.

  5. pia: heh. It'll be up at some point. Thanks

    Shayna: I've been meaning to switch the link. I will now

    Miz B: My family Thanksgiving was small. The other thing was a completely different animal

    I've missed you too, my favorite Bohemian

    Cooper: Heh. It's only a trade if you send me some =P

  6. Nice to see you can always get film work ;)