What follows was begun late the previous night on a bench and I crashed before I could post... wait a sec, this title sucks.

The last bus out of Medford Square, after having taken the last from Davis, has managed to seem like a ritual, even though this is actually only the third time I've taken it. Not often enough to be sure that there is, in fact, a bus coming

I almost wrote "a-comin'" there, but that wouldn't work. Anyone in favor of renaming the bus so that it does? Something that could fit in with the sound of a glass tube sliding up and down the neck of an old telecaster? Just a thought. It occured to me at some point to write a story akin to Don Quixote only about a blues man born tragically in the wrong era and in fact universe, believing all the mythology to be fact. Unfortunately there's a movie that was made a while back where a kid who thinks that the folklore is just folklore and finds out that he's real after convincing an old blues man and friend of Robert Johnson to teach him the blues, all Karate Kid style. And to make sure the audience didn't have to recognize that parallel on their own, it starred the Karate Kid.

Actually despite my jest it was a solid flick. Not great cinema, but it had some good music and a guest appearance by Steve Vai, who is, to use the technical term, fucking incredible.

Tonight there were plans to snag some last minute tickets to see Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello in Worcester, but I mistakenly believed that Paypal had made friends with say, any ticket broker at all, and was SOL. Instead I wound up watching High Fidelity with a couple of friends I met in Cambridge at the meetup I wrote about below. I don't know why I haven't seen it before now but sweet bumbling fuck do I fear becoming John Cusack's character in it in 6 years.

Anyways, part of the reason I've not been posting is because I do this at night and I've been spending a lot of evenings with these people. Hence the late busses, and I'm beginning to think that this one isn't coming.

A question for Schrodinger: If you're waiting for a bus that may not be coming is it simultaneously coming and not coming until it either gets there or you say fuck it and start walking and either it passes you by and you get pissed off or it doesn't and you end up walking the rest of the way?

Fuck it. That was the same cop car that just passed for the sixth time and I'm on the corner wearing a trench coat


  1. I think your bus is certainly on it's way wombat.

  2. And if not the cops will stop eventually... ;-P

  3. life can be so exciting if you let your guard down and let it be. it's been late nights for me, too. and it's the last train i'm catching.

  4. life can be so exciting if you let your guard down and let it be. it's been late nights for me, too. and it's the last train i'm catching.

  5. damn. i double-posted in my eagerness.

  6. Cooper: Well actually I ended up walking, but thanks.

    Miz B: I adore you, if you haven't noticed Of course that can be said of all three of you

    {illyria}: I always took you for a late traveler. You're right of course. And your eagerness is embraced here.

  7. I was in Boston in April. We stayed near the North Station and I think Boston has the greatest public transportation ever (keeping in mind I've mostly lived out west these last too many years and public transportation there is a joke!). Anyway, I wondered to myself at the time, while I was there, would I really like cramming into these subway/trains everyday? Or is it just that it's kind of a novelty and that's why I think it's sort of fun?

    Okay, so the trip wasn't really all that exciting otherwise and I had to think these thoughts to amuse myself somehow.

  8. Bastards law states that as soon as you start to walk, the bus will arrive and fly past you.

  9. Sally: Wish you'd shot me an email.

    I actually don't mind it at all, except when it gets sluggish and I'm late as a result. There's actually an interesting social aspect to it as people aren't wont to make eye contact or conversation. And sometimes you notice someone decidedly looking everywhere but into your eyes, which sometimes means that they're into you.

    Steph: Yeah. Even if you realize that it's far too late for a bus to be coming.

  10. Oh the British bus system is strange. I can stand waiting for a whole hour, for one of two possible busses to arrive, only to see them both arrive together. Oh the dilemma of which one to take!!! These things make life so more difficult, and if I ever saw a cop car pass by I would go into shock - they are mythical beings here!!

    Miz Nix

  11. Well I was with my sister, she came down to meet me and we hung out for a few days, did the MFA and the Gardiner and took in Blue Man Group and tried to see a baseball game (rained out)...so a quick 3 day trip. But I'll be back, I'll let you know when ahead of time.