I've just found out that this blog looks its best in widescreen. I know you're all on the way out to go and get shiny new monitors at this new information, but stick around a bit.

Somehow until last night I've managed to live in this town with next to no exposure to live comedy. This is, of course, impossible in Chicago, where if you're into theater at all you are required by law to investigate the sketch, improv, and stand-up comedy there. I was in violation for maybe about a week when a cop stepped over two drunken underage freshmen fucking on the sidewalk, brushed past a gaggle of streetwalkers, declined a proffered bong as he passed by a stoner circle, and tapped me on the shoulder I turned around and he looked at me and he knew I was hiding something.

An hour later I was buzzed onstage at the open mic with a guy who looked friggin exactly like Ray's brother on Everybody Loves Raymond.

And I could have sworn it was the same guy hosting the show the other night. It wasn't. How many comedians, I wonder, make jokes about people who mistake them for Ray's brother. Maybe one per major city? Maybe Brad Garret gets royalties?

Anyways, it was fun.

My brother had me take his Flying V in to my guitar lesson on Friday so that my instructor could check it out. He said, in his professional opinion, that it was "friggin sweet" and that I should show him the back of my hand for his utter refusal to practice such an instrument.

He also introduced me to a blues band from the 90s called The Red Devils, who in their time were considered a promising force. The band recorded material with Mick Jagger which is now consigned to bootlegs. They were on the verge of making it big before the lead singer was shot by his girlfriend. They tried to revive him. With cocaine. It didn't work, so they tried it again. Four more times. Official cause of death? Cocaine overdose. The dosers got two years. The shooter got none.

Anyways, they are fucking awesome. I'm learning some of their riffs now, which are fun as hell to play, including one originally played on harmonica, which Brian was able to transcribe to guitar, which may in fact be a new technique.

Anyways, here's some Youtube of the band. I've yet to find a live clip of the particular song I'm looking for though

fuck yes

Also, it has become apparent to me by way of my asshole downstairs neighbor and his (admittedly sweet) loud stereo that EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY SONG EVER WRITTEN HAS THE SAME FUCKING BASSLINE. Dudes who play bass for country bands: come up with new riffs or I swear I will saw your fingers off. Did you really think that the White Stripes never had a bassist? They couldn't find a replacement with the last name White is all. I couldn't tell if it was their sibling or their offspring but it doesn't matter anymore.

Oh and also



  1. Fair awesome video, of course I've never heard of the group.

    You are so eight about country music.

  2. You did stand up? And didn't video it?

    Never heard of the group either--can see you loving the riff--you hear it after the song stops playing--great anecdote about the group

  3. Well now it's time to get serious. Indians are going to be tough, we have to stay focused and win 4 before they do.

    Yes, I often state the obvious. It's a special gift.

  4. Cooper: More than worth getting acquainted with. I'm trying to hunt down their live album. The tracks with Mick Jagger are fucking sweet.

    Pia: I didn't do stand-up... though I'm going to be working on a routine. I saw some. The reference to me on the stage refers to an improv open mike in Chicago.

    Sally: No complaints from me. It's going to be a great series.